Our Hydration Solutions

Our Hydration Solutions

We Cater for Any Business

Feb 22, 2021 - 5 min read

At The Boiling Tap Company, we’re proud to provide an industry-leading standard of service.

We have a dedicated customer care team to manage installations, maintenance, repair, and all other areas of customer support. Our elite after-sales service is fully backed by a dedicated, nationwide team of highly skilled technicians; and full staff training for the operation of equipment and best practices for your systems comes as standard.

We’re the only company in the industry that uses purified water in the boiler, which increases water quality, eliminates limescale, and cuts faults and breakdowns by 90%. Our products are environmentally friendly and economical to operate. Although we say it ourselves, our taps are devilishly handsome!

But are TBTC’s products suitable for any business? Is there something here for everyone?

TBTC taps are stylish

Case study

Polish company Nowy Styl (English translation ‘new style’) is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces, with 33 showrooms in Europe and Asia, including London, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, and Dubai.

Nowy Styl were looking to provide boiling, chilled, and sparkling water in their brand-new showroom in Warsaw. For this company, style is of paramount importance.

This fantastic new space now features the illimani tap in the main refreshment area, dispensing drinks for staff and clients.

The illimani tap is probably the very best of its kind. We’ve supplied this product to a wide range of businesses and organisations, from small firms with fewer than 10 members of staff to large corporations with offices in multiple locations. The illimani tap is ideally suited to a customer-facing position – for example, in the hospitality sector or, as in the case of Nowy Styl, customer care.

Illimani’s patented boiler design provides high volumes of purified boiling water (up to 360 cups per hour), so just one tap goes a long way to fulfilling the greatest of demands. Fill volumes can be pre-set for any vessel, and there are free-flow options available. The illimani’s perfect water flow means no splashing – or any other nasty surprises!

Whether the illimani tap is in the form of a stand-alone unit or part of the TaoLink system, it can cater for dozens of personnel, quickly and efficiently.

TBTC taps are environmentally friendly

Case study

BIKE-DROP provides valet-style parking and security for bicycles in Central London. Besides parking, services include hydration stations for free water-bottle refill, charging stations for e-bikes, and puncture-repair services.

BIKE-DROP were looking to install chilled-water dispensers at multiple locations in Central London, and they wanted to work with a reliable hydration partner who shares the same commitment to environmental care.

They opted for TaoZen taps in orange finish – to match their corporate colours.

Each TaoZen tap dispenses one kind of drinking water: boiling, chilled (still or sparkling), or ambient. The great thing about TaoZen, though, is that up to three taps are fed by just one base unit. With three separate taps, dispensing as many as 360 cups of boiling water or 600 cups of chilled water per hour, queues are greatly reduced.

The TaoZen tap is a popular choice for many reasons – not least the fact that it comes in any colour you choose. BIKE-DROP matched their TaoZen taps to their main company colour. Other clients have selected colours to complement, or contrast with, their office décor.

Like all our products and systems, the TaoZen tap takes the place of pre-packaged drinking water, a policy embraced by organisations who have a mission to reduce the amount of plastic that’s manufactured and dumped.

TBTC taps are hygienic and safe

Every drop of water that comes out of our taps is 100% pure. Even the boiling water. Through a combination of fine filtration and ultraviolet light treatment, all viruses, bacteria, minerals, and plastic particles are eliminated, leaving only pure, unadulterated water.

The water is hygienic, but what about the equipment?

TBTC’s Touchless Dispense is really finding a place for itself in a world where office managers are doing their utmost to prevent the transition of covid-19 in the workplace. Touchless Dispense is a piece of equipment that works alongside any of our water-dispense systems, allowing all communication with the tap to be touchless. Operated by gesture control, Touchless Dispense greatly reduces the risk of transmitting covid-19 through touching shared surfaces.

TBTC taps are adaptable

Case study

BWI (BeijingWest Industries) Group is a leading international supplier of automotive components, with manufacturing facilities in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, China, and Mexico.

The company was looking to provide efficient hydration stations for the 400-plus employees working in their brand-new research and development centre in Krakow, Poland.

The research centre is now furnished with five hydration stations, each featuring a three-in-one illimani tap that dispenses boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. In addition, there are ultra-high-capacity TaoZen taps in the main breakout room to cater for busy times.

The illimani and TaoZen taps are ideal solutions for portion dispense. But they’re also perfectly designed for filling bottles, without the need for font extension. A flush-fitting drip tray, plumbed to the waste-water system, catches spills, preventing water from dripping onto the floor and creating a slip hazard.

A product we recommend for large organisations – particularly those that occupy a multi-floor building – is TaoLink. The TaoLink system comprises a centrally located control unit, usually installed in a plantroom environment, and as many hydration points as you choose. With options including the TaoZen tap, the Illimani tap, the TaoHydration station, and the TaoBoil, you can install the most appropriate dispense solution at each hydration point throughout the building.

TaoLink saves space at dispense points, reduces costs, and guarantees zero downtime, thanks to its dual-pump system. The unit’s Smart Control provides dynamic reporting on incoming mains water pressure, the volume of water dispensed, flow rate, and leak detection.

TaoLink is the world’s only single-source drinking water system for multiple dispense points to purify and carbonate water at source. The ultra-high-capacity carbonator facilitates the supply of large volumes of sparkling water.

Can we cater for any business?

So, are TBTC’s products suitable for any business? Is there something here for everyone?

We believe they are. And we believe there is.

To talk to us about water-dispense systems, contact The Boiling Water Company. We look forward to hearing from you.