Celebrating tasty, healthy and sustainable hydration.

Aqua Libra Flavoured Dispense helps soft drink customers who want tasty healthy, sustainable hydration at work and on-the-go by reimagining dispense technology in order to reduce our packaging waste and carbon footprint unlike current dispense solution.
  • Filtered still and sparkling water
  • Natural flavours
  • No sugar
  • No preservatives
  • Hundreds of serves from each sustainable cartridge ​

Our hydration solution key features

Our solution is designed to help remove the need of single use plastic.

Micro Dose Technology

Hundreds of serves per cartridge

Digital & Data

Built on a true IoT platform our digital innovation & data opportunity is best in market​

Pure Water

Beautifully filtered still & lightly sparkling water

Natural Flavours

Through advanced science and flavour artistry, our palette is second to none, designed for your environment


Natural flavours, No added sugar​, No preservatives, No calories.

Developed in partnership with AWS

The single-use plastic beverage bottle, which has been a long-term environmental issue, has endured due to its convenience. We have created an innovative digital flavour tap using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Aimed at offices and retail environments, the tap reduces plastic bottle use by dispensing zero calorie flavoured water into reusable containers, providing a more sustainable and healthy way to enjoy beverages. 

"Our customers are more aware than ever of consumer expectations for tasty, healthy, and sustainable options. Our decades of experience with liquids and equipment combined with a priority to develop industry-leading experiences has led to the creation of the Aqua Libra Flavour Tap. While developing the ground-breaking product, AWS has supported our ability to innovate in-house.”

Noel Dickson
Product Director of Beyond the Bottle, Britvic

Eliminating Single-use Plastic Bottles

Britvic’s Aqua Libra Flavour Tap uses the AWS digital interface to collate data analytics on the flavour tap usage. A high-tech cartridge powered by technology releasing micro-doses of sugar- and additive-free flavouring into the water. 

Throughout the development process, the ability to use AWS to analyse real-time data on the tap’s usage allowing our customers to gain insights to work towards corporate sustainability and wellness goals. 

Read the full case study here >>> 

Your Water Your Way

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