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Aqua Libra Co has been driven by innovation since its inception.

Our team of technical experts have focused the product development to achieve 4 important elements: functionality, aesthetics, performance, and sustainability. Our continuous collaboration with architects and interior designers has resulted in a distinct product range to cater for any office size or needs. Sustainable office hydration is, albeit, our number one priority, and with the latest innovation featuring ‘twin-tank boiler’, the under-counter unit is one of the smallest units on the market.

Our product range has been designed and developed to achieve 4 key elements:

  • 1


    Dynamic user interface for fast delivery.

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    Revolutionary technology backed by world-class service

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    Precision design to match any style.

  • 4


    Innovative products and services to help companies improve their green credentials.

Why Specify Aqua Libra.

  • Sustainability - The Boiling Tap Company

    Sustainability - the Key Driver of Innovation

    Our commitment to providing sustainable solutions has led us to developing a range of innovative, cutting-edge water systems that save energy, protect environment, and reduce water wastage. With low carbon footprint, our sustainability agenda goes beyond our product range. It is at the centre of everything we do.

    We are pleased to be contributing to award-winning workplaces, which have been nominated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) due to their ‘outstanding’ rating after completing the world’s leading sustainability assessment.

  • Specify Boiling Taps - The Boiling Tap Company

    Flexible under-counter space

    Did you know that our under-counter units can be re-arranged to fit the smallest cupboard spaces? Every module comes as a separate unit, you can specify our products for any projects without compromising on available cupboard space. Even our boiling, chilled and sparkling integrated system does not need more than a standard 600mm cupboard space, taking almost half the space of any other water systems in the market.

  • Specify Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling Water Taps - The Boiling Tap Company

    Seamless fit

    With a requirement for integrated water systems dispensing boiling, chilled or sparkling water, we have stylish taps that will integrate amicably with any design to accommodate any size workplace, whether it’s 10 or 500+ employees. Our range of finishes and colours will complement any décor or branding.

  • Specify The Boiling Tap Company - Support

    Our Support

    We are working with RIBA to provide the most comprehensive support for specifiers to ensure they have all the appropriate material CAD files and BIM files for hassle-free specification. We aim to inspire by sharing our latest projects featuring our water systems in diverse locations. Our customer stories are there to define the brand excellence we strive to deliver through every project.

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