Aqua Libra Reduce Plastic

Reduce plastic.

Approximately 7.7 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased every year in the UK.

It could take up to 400 years for a plastic bottle to break down. Plastic has only been around for 150 years, and already this non-biodegradable material is clogging up the oceans and filling up the land.

We believe that a better alternative comes in the form of a unit that dispenses pure water, both chilled and boiling – on tap.

The provision of reusable glass bottles will make your team’s daily hydration pleasurable and totally plastic free.


Aqua Libra Co is proud to be at the forefront of environmental initiatives within the water-dispenser industry. Our products are designed and manufactured to offer sustainable hydration solutions and to minimise human impact on the environment.

We're commited to:

  • Operating a sustainable business

    We provide innovative hydration solutions that support the principles of a circular economy.

  • Constantly reducing energy consumption

    Our technology uses a fraction of the energy used by kettles and refrigerators.

  • The lowest possible carbon and water footprint

    Through all of our products and processes. Every step of the way.


We’re working alongside equally passionate partners in leading net zero initiatives for sustainable growth and changes that support the principles of a resilient circular economy. That’s always been our mission.

Refill. reuse.
Repeat. Collectively.

Aqua Libra Reduce Plastic

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