It all started in 2009 as The Boiling Tap Company.


    Over the years, the company has attracted some of the industry’s most talented and experienced designers and engineers, who have been hand-picked for their skills, innovation, and diligence. Our team is bound together by a mutual commitment to the creation of top-quality, low-energy products; to world-class customer service; and to the principles of a circular economy.


    The problem of limescale was tackled right from the start. By passing drinking water through a high-level filtration process, all impurities are removed, preventing a build-up of limescale. Maintenance of a system with zero limescale is reduced by approximately 90%.


    Our product design has always focused on simple operation, great-tasting water, and pleasing aesthetics. We’re passionate about water, and we believe that hydration is a key factor in health, wellness, and productivity. Our taps are designed to be an integral part of the workplace environment.


    In June 2020, The Boiling Tap Company was acquired by Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd as part of their wider sustainability journey. Britvic’s ‘Beyond the Bottle’ strategy focuses on direct dispense of fresh, healthy drinks.


    In March 2021 The Boiling Tap Company rebranded as Aqua Libra Co, sitting within Britvic. While this was a significant change after a 12-year journey from inception to an established and trusted company, our core beliefs and values stay the same. Innovation, product quality and customer service remain at the heart of what we do and we’re proud to be part of a progressive company that shares our commitment to sustainability. Providing tasty, healthy, sustainable, hydration everywhere is what we, as part of Aqua Libra, are striving for, and our industry leading taps and technology play a key role within this.


Your water. Your way. We make it simple.




Touchless boiling tap

Promoting a refill and reuse culture.

Over 7.5 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased every year in the UK. More than half of these are used once and thrown away.

It’s estimated that one 500ml bottle owns a carbon footprint of approximately 82g, which could mean something like 310 million kg of CO2 emissions is sent to landfill. Our equipment, which use a fraction of the energy consumed by kettles and refrigerators, provide attractive and practical refill options.

Working alongside equally passionate partners, we’re striving to accelerate the changes that will lead to a reduction in single-use plastic; changes that will shrink the global population’s carbon footprint; changes that support the principles of a resilient circular economy.

Environmental benefits.

  • Reducing your carbon footprint

  • Eliminating packaging waste associated with plastic and pre-bottled water

  • Lowering refrigerated storage requirements by chilling water on demand

  • Minimising electricity consumption

  • Reducing your water waste

our message is…

Refill & Reuse.

Aqua Libra - Refill & Reuse