Instantly from one tap

Aqua illi is a three-in-one touch tap, built in modular form for easy and economical adaptability. Choose from boiling, chilled, sparkling or ambient to make your perfect combination.

The Aqua illi tap is named after the majestic, snow-capped Illimani mountain in South America. According to the lyrics of a popular Bolivian song, Mount Illimani is “Bolivia’s Andean pearl”. The untouched snow on Illimani’s summit is almost as pure as the water dispensed by Aqua illi – the highest-performing tap on the market today.


Designed in Britain. Built to last.

Aqua illi is a perfect combination of user-friendly interface, high-capacity dispense and stylish design.

Touch tap

Simple touch dispense. Touch or touchless modules available for increased accessibility.

Energy Efficient

Innovative boiling and cooling technologies for maximum performance and high energy-efficiency.

Purified Water

Total elimination of limescale = ultimate energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Safety Feature

Pre-set fill volumes and perfect water flow with a touch padlock feature for safe dispense.

Our recent project

Singer Capital Markets were passionate about creating an office break area that was reflective of the company’s cultures, values, and social impact. 

Aqua Libra Co were the perfect choice when looking for market leading hydration technologies that would provide their employees with sustainable, high-performing hydration stations to fulfil the fast-paced demands of the team.

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Aqua illi provides high volumes of boiling, chilled, sparkling, or ambient water to keep your workforce hydrated. 

Numbers are based on the following measurements: 1 cup/glass = 250ml & 1 flask/tea pot = 500ml


Up to 45 litres or 180 cups

Up to 90 litres or 180 flask/tea pots

Chilled, sparkling, ambient

Up to 45 litres or 180 cups

Up to 45 litres or 180 glasses


Available in Satin Black and Chrome, Aqua illi complements the pure lines of the modern workplace.

Satin Black: The silky-smooth finish of Satin Black lends an elegant, understated tone to your décor. The subdued, pearly sheen of the Satin Black finish blends into any colour scheme, whether in unison with, or in contrast to, your office palette.

Chrome: Polished chromium reflects almost 70% of the visible spectrum. Chameleon-like, the beautiful Chrome-finish Aqua illi tap blends into your interior design by mirroring the colour scheme. The word ‘chromium’ comes from Ancient Greek chrōma, meaning ‘colour’.


Dedicated customer care team.

Our customer care team will manage the installation of your water dispenser, and they’ll provide full staff training, which comes as standard.

Choose your preferred maintenance package – from a simple annual planned maintenance schedule to all-inclusive service agreement. Our fully trained, multi-brand engineers carry a wide range of parts, and we have the best call-out times in the industry. Whatever your service agreement, you and your dedicated operative will build a symbiotic relationship that will ensure you get the best service.


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