Aqua Link.

The world’s number-one centralised dispense system.

A centralised and fully monitored water distribution system that delivers high volumes of chilled water – still and sparkling – to multiple dispensers throughout an entire building.

Aqua Link - Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling Water Dispense


One centrally located control unit distributes filtered water to any number of water-dispenser outlets on any number of floors within a building, making Aqua Link up to 45% more cost effective and around 50% more energy efficient than individual water-dispense units.


Intensive filtration and LED ultraviolet purification preclude 99.99% of pathogens and inorganic impurities from the mains water before distribution.

Aqua Link - Dynamic reporting


The dual pump system provides a back-up solution in the event of pump malfunction, guaranteeing zero downtime. Fully controllable water supply (with ECO mode) and R290 cooling technology contribute to a considerable reduction in energy consumption.


With the Aqua Link system, an ultra-high-capacity carbonator prepares sparkling water at the central unit, before distributing it to dispense outlets. Again, saving money and space. At each dispense location, any of our taps can be connected to the Aqua Link system.


Using the latest smart technology, the Aqua Link control unit provides dynamic reporting on:

  • Volume of water dispensed.
  • Flow rate.
  • Water temperature (with safety controls).
  • Incoming mains water pressure.
  • Leak detection.
  • CO2 replacement management.
  • Automatic notifications to the client helpdesk and to the Aqua Libra Co team.
Aqua Link - Dynamic reporting

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