Providing refreshment to

Saving the environment.

As a company, we’re passionate about protecting the natural environment.

Our environmental policy is at the core of our processes, procedures, and product design. Driven by a desire to reduce global plastic pollution, Aqua Libra Co’s mission is to offer a better alternative to bottled water. We believe that we’ve achieved that goal.

Through the provision of pure ambient, chilled, and sparkling water, Aqua Libra Co taps are contributing to a reduction in the demand for plastic-packaged drinking water. 


Pure water

Have you ever tasted pure water?

The ‘taste’ of pure water is a conundrum. With its neutral pH, pure water gives no stimulation to our taste receptors – unlike carbonated water (our carbonated water is pure water with added carbon dioxide), which is very slightly acidic, or mineral water, which is slightly alkaline. So maybe the ‘taste’ of pure water is, in reality, the taste of sheer pleasure.

Removal of all traces of minerals from the water means no limescale in the system, and elimination of all microorganisms, through ultraviolet light treatment, means healthy, safe drinking water.

Saving time, space, and money.

Installed neatly into a small cupboard – or, in the case of Aqua Link, in a plantroom environment – Aqua Link water-dispenser units are superb space savers. The sheer quantity of drinking water available puts an end to queues and waiting times, resulting in a lot of saved time. And when it comes to financial savings, a Aqua Libra Co water-dispenser system will operate with low energy costs, keeping your workforce hydrated for under 10% of the cost of providing chilled or ambient bottled water and kettle-heated water.

Aqua Libra Co taps look amazing

One of the things our clients love about Aqua Libra Co taps is the way they look. Gone are the days when drinks-making facilities were hidden away, out of sight. Our taps can take their place in the office as an important part of working life. And they look great.

The sleek, stylish Aqua illi, available in chrome or satin black, has an unashamedly modern appearance. And as for the Aqua Alto, that curvy, swan-like beauty … it’s available in any colour you like. Your Aqua Alto taps can be matched exactly to your brand colours or office décor from any Pantone shade to create the kind of integrity of style that shows excellent taste and progressive values.

Sustainability - the Key Driver of Innovation

Our commitment to provide sustainable solutions, has led us to develop a range of innovative, cutting-edge water systems that save energy, protect the environment, and reduce water wastage. With a low carbon footprint, our sustainability agenda goes beyond our product range. It is at the centre of everything we do.

Flexible under-counter space

Did you know that our under-counter units can be re-arranged to fit the smallest cupboard spaces? Every module comes as a separate unit. you can specify our products for any projects without compromising on available cupboard space. Even our boiling, chilled and sparkling integrated systems, don’t need more than a standard 600mm cupboard space.

Seamless fit

To meet requirements for water systems dispensing boiling, chilled or sparkling water, we have stylish taps that will integrate amicably with any design to accommodate any size workplace, whether it’s 10 or 500+ employees. Our range of finishes and colours will complement any décor or branding.

Our Support

Service doesn’t end with installation. A Service & Maintenance brochure is supplied with every unit, and our industry-leading after-sales service includes a choice of maintenance packages that offer features such as proactive monitoring, 24-hour call-out, and all-inclusive warranty. We’re immensely proud of our superb 100% first-time-fix record and competitive prices.

Why Aqua Libra Co?

Whether you’re looking to install a single hydration station in one office, or a suite of systems
throughout a multi-storey complex, Aqua Libra Co will provide a solution that’s tailor-made for
your particular needs.

At each dispense point, 100% pure drinking water – chilled, sparkling, and piping hot – can be
instantly available, with the potential to dispense up to 300 cups of near-boiling water, 500 cups
of carbonated water, or 700 cups of chilled water, every hour.

Aqua Libra Co units save space. They save time. They save money. And they save the

Your Water. Your Way.

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