Aqua Alto.

Hydration in colour.

Boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. Three taps. One base unit. And don’t forget the colour. What colour? Any colour!

Aqua illi Touch Tap - Boiling, Chilled, Sparkling Water Dispense

Three taps.
One base unit.

Aqua Alto’s namesake is Mount Alto San Juan, a 6km-high Andean mountain in Argentina and Chile. This innovative yet simple tap comes in any colour you like, to match, complement, or contrast with, your brand colours or décor.

Take three Aqua Alto taps – one each for boiling, chilled, and sparkling water – and take just one base unit.

Great look. No queues.

  • Covid safe - Chilled Water


  • Covid safe - Chilled Water


  • Covid safe - Sparkling Water


  • The heat is on.

    The Aqua Alto hot tap dispenses up to 45 litres (180 x 250ml cups) of near-boiling water in just one hour. As standard. Choose ultra-high capacity, and it’s double. Like all our hot taps, Aqua Alto dispenses purified water. Pure water means no minerals. No minerals, no limescale. No limescale means energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Chill out.

    The Aqua Alto cold tap dispenses crystal-clear, highly filtered chilled or sparkling water – as much as 45 litres (180 x 250ml glasses) over a one-hour period. That’s standard. Ultra-high capacity will give you 60+ litres (240+ glasses).

  • Energy efficient.

    Thanks to our patented twin-tank boiler, dry-bath-technology water cooler, and five-stage purification system, Aqua Alto’s energy consumption is approximately half that of equivalent competitor products. With the latest smart technology, you can monitor Alto’s energy consumption and ensure that you heat and cool only what you use.

  • The power of three.

    With three taps running off one base unit, the Aqua Alto system takes up no more cupboard space than a single tap. But with one tap for each kind of water, queues are reduced, making the busiest of times not quite so busy.




Ultra High

  • Covid safe - Chilled Water


Per hour

High: up to 45 litres or 180 cups

Ultra High: up to 90 litres or 180 flask/tea pots

  • Covid safe - Chilled Water

    Chilled / 

  • Covid safe - Sparkling Water

    Sparkling / 

  • Covid safe - Boiling Water


Per hour

High: up to 45 litres or 180 glasses

Ultra High: 60+ litres or 240+ glasses

*Based on the following measurements: 1 cup/glass = 250ml & 1 flask/tea pot = 500ml

Sing a rainbow.

And don’t forget the colour. What colour? Any colour!

Your colour, Your way. In seven days.

First-Class Servicing for a First-Class Tap.

We have a nationwide team of expert engineers, dedicated to maintaining your Aqua Alto tap. Our competitively priced, industry-leading after-sales services include:

Our relationship with the customer doesn’t end with a sale. In fact, that’s where it begins. We’re proud to provide top-quality water dispensers that contribute to sustainability in businesses and homes. Our mission is to ensure the longevity of the Aqua Alto and its continued value to the customer.

  • 24-hour Call Outs

  • Planned Preventative

  • All-inclusive Service

Contact us.

For more information about the Aqua Alto tap, contact us on 0800 080 6696. Our support staff will be pleased to help. Alternatively, visit our London showroom (EC2M 4TP) next to Liverpool Street Station.

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