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At Aqua Libra Co, we take pride in our industry-leading standard of service.

Our dedicated customer care team manages installations, maintenance, and repair, as well as product enquiries, specification guidance, and all other areas of customer support. Our elite after-sales service is fully backed by a nationwide team of highly skilled technicians, who carry a well-maintained stock of parts.

When you purchase one of our water-dispenser systems, you begin a long-term relationship with us. We’ll offer advice regarding the most suitable level of purification, depending on your location, the system you’ve selected, and the type of water your unit will be dispensing. When we install your dispenser, we’ll ensure that you understand how it works and how to take care of it. Full staff training for the operation of equipment and best practices for your systems comes as standard.

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The best servicing in the business.

Our customer care team will manage the installation of your water-dispense system, and they’ll provide full staff training, which comes as standard.

Choose your preferred maintenance package – from a simple annual planned maintenance schedule to all-inclusive service agreement. Our fully trained, multi-brand engineers carry a wide range of parts, and we have the best call-out times in the industry. Whatever your service agreement, you and your dedicated operative will build a symbiotic relationship that will ensure you get the best service.

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We’re the only company in the water-dispenser industry that uses purified water in the boiler.

As a result, there’s no limescale. The build-up of calcium carbonate on the interior of pipes and boilers has a seriously detrimental effect on an appliance, increasing its energy consumption and eventually causing it to break down.

A purification system is a consistent feature of Aqua Libra Co water dispensers. Due to zero limescale, faults and breakdowns are reduced by approximately 90%. An important part of every service, therefore, is a change of filter.

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For information about the installation process, please note that we provide spec sheets and pre-install literature. Our team will manage your installation, but everything will run more smoothly if you’re clear about what’s required. Please feel free to download these documents or contact us if you have further questions.

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