Brat Restaurant is one of the Super 8 Restaurants, led by Brian Hannon. Super 8 operates three London restaurants: Smoking Goat in Shoreditch, Kiln in Soho, and Brat, located at Climpson’s Arch, in the heart of London Fields. Brat’s opening, a year ago, allowed the company to create an additional 50 jobs during the pandemic.

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, Brat offers an informal, welcoming atmosphere, inviting customers to socialise in comfort and enjoy an exquisite meal straight from the restaurant’s amazing woodfire oven. Brat’s signature open-fire grilling technique is inspired by Northern Spain’s Basque country.

It was delightful working with this progressive brand that shares our commitment to sustainability. It was wonderful to see customers enjoying freshly dispensed chilled and sparkling water from our Undercounter Aqua Bottler tap and to see their friendly and experienced team working together.


Brat was looking to install a sustainable hydration solution for their customers. Their top priority was to provide fresh, delicious chilled and sparkling water via individual water taps in their extremely busy refreshment areas. However, they also wanted to ensure that the chosen water dispenser promoted their approach to sustainability in the workplace and complemented the restaurant’s interior design.


Brat decided to install one Undercounter Aqua Bottler with Mechanical tap to dispense large amounts of chilled water, both still and sparkling. The unit is positioned behind the bar for the convenience of their staff.

“Since I’ve been working in the hospitality industry, I’ve always found it time-consuming to serve jugs of water to my customers. With our new Undercounter Aqua Bottler, I and my team are more time-efficient – and we love dispensing water from our new taps! When we started our journey with Aqua Libra Co, we were delighted to see that their sustainable product design matches Super 8’s core values and Brat restaurant’s interior design. The team at Aqua Libra Co has been very responsive and has completely met our expectations.”

Blaise Coley, General Manager

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