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Is it possible to modernise a Grade II listed property to reflect the culture, character, and corporate identity to compliment 21st century tenants and technologies?

Aqua Libra and CBRE have worked on this fantastic project for one of the world class leaders in Customer Data Science. 

Their client is renowned for delivering cutting edge solutions and strategies to recognised retailers and brands. Their expanding portfolio of offices covers 29 countries, with over 2,000 industry experts delivering best in class solutions across the globe.

 Aqua illi Hot water


Our client was looking for a high-performance hydration solution for both their London and Dublin offices to unlock cost-savings and energy-efficiencies and deliver great-tasting chilled still and sparkling water across all floors. For their breakout rooms, they required a 3-in-1 hydration solution to serve hot and cold drinks for their staff and clients.

Aqua Bottler


For the London office the Aqua Libra Co team installed Aqua Link, a centralised and fully monitored system that delivers high volumes of chilled water – still and sparkling – to multiple dispensers throughout the building. Each of the six breakout room features Aqua illi in Chrome, dispensing boiling, chilled, and sparkling water; for the gym area, they chose the Aqua Alto tap dispensing chilled – still water; and a Aqua Bottler with Mechanical Tap for the hospitality department. The Dublin office features the Aqua illi water dispenser in Chrome dispensing boiling, chilled and sparking water. Dispensing water through the Aqua Link system allows our client to be 45% more cost effective and 50% more energy efficient than with individual water dispensers.

Aqua illi Chrome Tap dispensing cold water
CBRE Client Aqua LInk
Aqua Alto Single Tap
Aqua illi Chrome Tap
 Aqua illi Hot water
Aqua Alto Chilled water dispense

‘We chose to work with Aqua Libra Co because we wanted to work with a reliable company who will deliver high- performance. As Aqua Libra Co’s core values and sustainability journey were matching with ours Aqua Libra Co were the perfect match for our company."

Account Manager, CBRE


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