Specialists in functional training.

F45 Training is an international fitness community that has over 2000 studios in 50+ countries around the world, including 50 studios in the UK. Launched in 2011 as part of a move to modernise gym participation, the franchise was named one of the “Most Innovative Wellness Companies” of 2020 by American business magazine, Fast Company.

F45 specialises in functional training – an exercise discipline based on recreating everyday movements. People all over the world are benefitting physically and emotionally from F45’s full-body group workouts.

It was an absolute pleasure for us, at Aqua Libra Co, to work with this progressive brand that shares our own commitment to community-based health and wellbeing.


F45 Training (Blackhorse Lane) was looking to install a hydration solution for members. Water, of course, is vital when exercising. But Hanri, the franchise owner, had some more specific requirements. Committed to supporting a refill culture, Hanri wanted to provide pure, fresh water on tap. The hydration system had to be high capacity, energy efficient, and user friendly. It had to be suitable for dispensing just a cupful of water, but also for refilling a bottle. And it had to look great … Oh yes, and it had to play a part in F45’s branding.


An Aqua Alto Tap that dispenses many litres of chilled, still water every hour. Because Aqua Alto is available in any colour, the studio team chose a red finish to match F45’s corporate branding.

“Providing water in gyms should be a standard practice. A well-hydrated body produces its best performance. Aqua Alto Tap is great not only for our customers, but also for the environment. We encourage refill, whether our customer bring their own bottles or use ours. Aqua Alto Tap can accommodate any size bottle. I really love the fact that it matches our corporate branding; the red finish really stands out. We’ve had some great feedback from users already. My experience with Aqua Libra Co has been brilliant, from the proposal to installation.”

Hanri van der Merwe, Owner of F45 Blackhorse Lane and F45 Holloway

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