Located in the heart of enchanting Killarney, the Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments, is an impressive 279-bedroom property that is more than just a hotel—it’s a commitment to sustainability.

As the hospitality industry in Ireland tackle sustainability challenges, the Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments are at the forefront of driving innovative, sustainable changes.

Inside the Gleneagle Hotel is the newly remodelled and stylish 'Hotel 67,' boasting a chic industrial design. This unique location lets you enjoy Hotel 67's contemporary vibe while having easy access to the Gleneagle Hotel's bars, restaurants, and venues. Plus, the impressive Gleneagle INEC Arena concert venue, accommodating up to 4,500 people, and conference rooms for up to 2,500 attendees, are just steps away.

In addition to hosting a full slate of events for guests, weddings, and private functions, the Gleneagle team stays incredibly busy. Their commitment to the well-being of both guests and staff made it an easy decision to implement game-changing, sustainable hydration solutions throughout the resort.


The management team at the Gleneagle Hotel pride themselves delivering a premium service, not only to their guests but also to their staff. With a turnaround of up to a quarter of a million people throughout the year, the team were looking for a way to keep hotel guests, visitors, and staff sustainably hydrated and healthy while enjoying the ambience and activities that the Gleneagle Hotel has to offer.

Elimination of single-use plastic

Before the Gleneagle Hotel team came to discuss their objectives with the Aqua Libra, the hotel was using around 330,000 plastic bottles a year in the hotel. And this was complimentary water for the guests. John Dolan, Gleneagle General Manager was on a mission to find an innovative hydration solution for the hotel, which had to eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and reducing their carbon footprint. The demand for sourcing a sustainable dispense solution that was pivotal.

Enhance your Guest Experience

"One of the biggest challenges that a lot of hotels in Ireland and many businesses in this sector are challenged with is what are you doing to reduce your waste? what you're doing to improve your footprint? Within the Gleneagle Hotel we enjoy around about 82% occupancy year-round. That's a lot of movement, a lot of in and out, and all the plastic bottles were going into recycling waste."
John Dolan, Gleneagle General Manager

Enhanced Guest Experience with Aqua Libra

The Gleneagle Hotel prioritizes sustainability practises throughout its complex. so, it was paramount to apply this when searching for a hydration partner that could reduce the number of single use plastic bottles being used throughout the hotel. The Aqua Libra systems provides a more sustainable, efficient way of offering complimentary water to the guests in the hotel, whilst in turn minimizing their environmental footprint.

The Gleneagle Hotel has enhanced the hydration experience for guests and staff by installing 18 Aqua Libra Alto refill stations throughout the complex. Each hotel floor features 12 refill stations for guest bedrooms, with additional taps available in the conference area and restaurants. The team also appreciated the environmental and economic benefits of the Aqua Libra Taps, saving water and energy, as the Alto hydration stations filtered tap water and carbonates it on demand.

“Aqua Libra has helped us reduce our cost. In the first year, we've saved around about €60,000 by putting the initial outlay for the dispensers in place with the chilling units and the filters.
Guests are thanking us that we've gone away from the plastic bottles within the room, especially now that they now have access to the water fountain system on the guest floors. They see it as a more sustainable, a more practical way of having water to the hotel rooms.”

Your Water. Your Way.

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