Located in the heart of Belgravia, Mosimann’s Club is one of the most prestigious private dining clubs in the world. Headed up by Anton Mosimann OBE, it has been a family run business for over 30 years and is holder of the Royal Warrant by Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales since 2000. Starting his catering apprenticeship at the age of 15, Anton progressed to being appointed Maitre Chef des Cuisines at the Dorchester Hotel London at the age of 28 – the youngest ever to hold this position. During his time there he was awarded two Michelin stars; the first time such an accolade had been given to a restaurant outside France. In 1988, Anton acquired a former Scottish Presbyterian church and set out creating Mosimann’s Club. Its facilities include a Balcony Bar, grand Main Dining Room, and seven exquisite private Dining Rooms. He also established a catering company, Mosimann’s Party Service, and subsequently The Mosimann’s Academy.

Why change?

Prior to switching to Aqua Libra, the Club used single-use packaged glass bottles supplied by a leading brand. For many reasons, this solution wasn’t working, and a new solution was sought. A concept of branded, refillable, filtered water solution seemed appealing. The case to make the change was also becoming overwhelming. Prices of single-use packaged water had gone through the roof and sustainability consciousness was growing exponentially. 'When we looked into how far our water was travelling - nearly 1,000 miles, it was unacceptable when there was a better alternative locally’.

Re-evaluated water category

‘We charge £4 per 750ml bottle. This is the same as what we used to charge for single-use packaged water. The quality is the same, the taste is the same or better, and the bottles look better – there is no logical reason to charge less. We feature both still and sparkling variants on our menus, and charge the same for both for simplicity. Financially, with a typical water sales of around 700 bottles per week, there is no comparison. We are far better off financially with a refillable system. The breakeven point (even for smaller venues) is low enough to make the switch thoroughly worthwhile.’

'The collective impact of carbon and road mile reduction we’ve made since switching to Aqua Libra is significant. It’s vital that sustainability is at the heart of our business here, and Aqua Libra Co have been a very valued partner in this mission.'
Mark Mosimann, MD at Mosimann’s

What are the sustainability benefits?

‘We think that net-net, the operations of a filtered water system are less involving than single use packaged water. It’s certainly a lot more flexible. Put simply, whenever you need the water, its always available – served fresh, so its not taking up unnecessary space or involving unnecessary handling of cases of stock several times over.

It’s also great for the team here to be part of doing something good for the environment too. The collective impact of carbon and road mile reduction we’ve made since switching to Aqua Libra is significant.’

'Our members really like the new water offer. I think in three years, we can count on one hand, the number of people who have said they would prefer a single-use packaged water instead. In Aqua Libra, we’ve found the perfect branded water for Mosimann’s, which is really future-proofed'.
Mark Mosimann, MD at Mosimann’s

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