Rhubarb Hospitality Collection is an international premium hospitality group, established more than 20 years ago. They deliver catering and event-planning services at some of the biggest venues and events in London and New York, from private celebrations and weddings to huge corporate events. They cover all areas of hospitality, and they’re proud of their unique ability to execute multiple food and beverage disciplines under one roof.

Sustainability is an important part of Rhubarb’s vision for the future, and they’re seeking to work with suppliers who have a commitment to providing sustainable solutions.

Across all sites, they have no single-use plastic bottles and no plastic straws. When it comes to hydration, their goal is to provide fresh, great-tasting water in a sustainable way.


Rhubarb was looking to streamline its operations. They wanted to find water dispensers that deliver high volumes to respond to a busy environment and are cost effective, so Rhubarb can pass savings on to their customers. Accommodating over 600 people daily, Rhubarb wanted to ensure that they purchase aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient water dispensers that meet their sustainability goals and satisfy their capacity requirements. After discussing all the options with the Aqua Libra Co team, Rhubarb chose our centralised dispense system, Aqua Link, as they wanted to install five Aqua Alto taps – four in Rose Gold and one in Black – to match their interior design. Four tea points are spaced out across the restaurant and the terraced bar, which is called “The Market”. The Market is a space committed to delivering nutritious food for the body and mind, with sustainable practices ensuring a zero-waste policy. And one tea point is in their outside-the-building café, ‘Blend’.


All areas are serving refreshing still and sparkling water. Rhubarb liked the idea of distributing water through pipes from one centralised point as it is 45% more cost effective and around 50% more energy-efficient than individual water-dispense units. This allowed Rhubarb to save cupboard space at dispense points and save energy by not running individual water systems. The chosen Aqua Link system not only allows Rhubarb to dispense high volumes of sparkling and still water, but with its intensive filtration and LED ultraviolet purification, Rhubarb can preclude 99.99% of pathogens and inorganic impurities from the mains water before distribution.

“In our extremely busy environment, our workplace usually takes around 600 people for lunch on a ‘‘casual’’ day. Saving water miles increases our customers’ interest in our new water taps. Instead of having packaged water delivered to us, we will be offering our customers fresh chilled and sparkling water in our own refillable bottles. This way, we’ll be providing tasty, healthy hydration to our customers, without compromising our commitment to sustainability.”

Luka Klemencic, Hospitality Retail Manager

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