With over 100 years of capital markets heritage, Singer Capital Markets is today one of the largest corporate stockbroking platforms in the City of London.

Located in Bartholomew Lane, in the heart of London’s banking district, this leading investment bank is a privately-owned company which employs motivated, enthusiastic, and professional people who are collegiately committed to supporting their clients and championing the success of UK growth companies.

The company values centre on building a dynamic and collaborative culture within the team. Part of the design innovative was to upgrade the current space by introducing a market leading, hydration solutions that would support the wellbeing and productivity of the office team.


Singer Capital Markets were passionate about creating an office break area that was reflective of the company’s cultures, values, and social impact. Collaboration with like-minded businesses that could support and deliver a modern and progressive environment was essential. Aqua Libra Co were the perfect choice when looking for market leading hydration technologies that would provide their employees with sustainable, high-performing hydration stations to fulfil the fast-paced demands of the team, whilst also creating a haven to build a truly collaborative workplace. Their sustainability agenda to reduce waste as an office was a major factor when choosing the perfect hydration partner that would support the principles of a circular economy.


Located across 2 different refreshment zone within 3 floors, the Aqua illi, three-in-one touch tap’s innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and premium aesthetics make this tap one of the highest performing taps on the market today, providing the perfect dispense combination for such a high performing office environment. Situated in prime position within the ‘break-out’ area, the Aqua illi, Black Satin taps dispense instant boiling water, fresh chilled water, and revitalising sparkling water, saving on energy and time, whilst eliminating the use of single use plastic. The office kitchen is designed for a high-powered team, so it was vital to incorporate a fast-paced, grab-and-go, energy-efficiency hydration solution. Especially when tension runs high over a competitive game of table tennis…there really is no time to waste. Time is money!

“At Singer Capital Markets, we expect our employees to have a good work-life balance and put our employees’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of our initiatives. Our business structure fuels a collaborative style of working, so we were searching for a premium hydration system that could withhold the demands of our busy office and provide our employees with the choice of hot and cold drinks, at the touch of a button. Also, a system that would deliver maximum performance and high energy-efficiency.”

Julie Nguyen, Head of Human Resources at Singer Capital Markets.


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