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3 Reasons to Choose Aqua Libra Co Taps for Your Workplace

Aqua Libra Co taps look great, and they take up very little space. They’re capable of dispensing a high volume of chilled, sparkling, or boiling water in a very short time. They’re economical to run, and environmentally friendly.

Is there anything you don’t get with Aqua Libra Co taps?

Well, yes, there is.

You don’t get limescale.

You don’t get wasted energy, wasted time, and wasted materials.

And you don’t get a dissatisfied team, fed up with losing space to the requirements of storing and preparing drinks, and fed up with the spills and splashes and steam associated with coffee breaks.

So, you could say that the three main reasons to choose Aqua Libra Co taps are all to do with what you don’t get.

No limescale: 100% pure water

Limescale – that gritty deposit of calcium carbonate that builds up on the interior surfaces of pipes and heating elements – has a seriously detrimental effect on appliances. Limescale restricts water flow in pipes, and it creates an insulating sheath on heating elements, reducing the efficacy of heat-exchanger technology. Even before the point of breakdown, an appliance that’s clogged up with limescale will consume increasing amounts of energy in its struggle to keep working.

Our purification system is a consistent feature of every Aqua Libra Co water-dispenser unit.

Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the water supply are killed or disabled through LED ultraviolet light treatment, and a stringent CTO (calcium, taste, odour) filtering process removes calcium and other minerals, ridding the water of their taste and odour.

Free of the calcium carbonate that’s often present in UK water supplies (from the limestone rock where water is harvested), Aqua Libra Co purified drinking water will not leave mineral deposits. Limescale is simply not an issue. And neither are the associated costs of repair, maintenance, and increased energy consumption.

Purification = healthy drinking water, no limescale, and reduced costs.

No waste: savings all round

For more than a decade, Aqua Libra Co has been at the forefront of environmental initiatives within the water industry, designing and manufacturing products that will reduce the impact of drinking-water systems on the environment, and actively helping businesses to improve their green credentials.

Energy efficient

Low energy consumption is an important design factor for Aqua Libra Co. Our hydration systems use just 1.2 kWh per hour – compared to the usual 2.4 kWh per hour consumed by comparable water-dispenser systems on the market today. Aqua Libra Co systems use just 5% of the energy required to provide an equal amount of hot and chilled drinking water via kettles and refrigerated bottled water.

Low energy consumption = reduced carbon footprint and reduced costs.

R-290 coolant

Aqua Libra Co cooling technology uses R-290 (propane), which has an exceptionally low GWP (global warming potential) of 3 and an ODP (ozone depletion potential) of 0. Propane is safe and efficient, and is recognised as being no threat to the environment.

R-290 cooling system = reduced carbon footprint.

No plastic

The Aqua Alto and Aqua illi taps can dispense at least 160 cups (40 litres) of pure boiling water, 200 cups (50 litres) of pure chilled water, or 150 cups (35.25 litres) of pure sparkling water in just one hour.

In one hour, the Aqua Bottler (available as a countertop or undercounter unit) is capable of dispensing up to 180 litres of chilled (still or sparkling) water.

Designed to be used with the Aqua Bottler, our borosilicate glass bottles are durable and stylish, with an option of company branding in colour-fast ceramic ink.

The equivalent volume of bottled water would come at an increased net cost and would produce a huge amount of plastic waste to be transported to recycling centres or landfill sites by refuse vehicles that consume one gallon of fuel every four miles.

No plastic = reduced carbon footprint and reduced costs.

No bother: happy team

Space-saving and safe

Attention goes into every aspect of design. Safety features include perfect water flow with zero splash, and tap height to accommodate water bottles without the need for font extension. Pre-set fill volumes for any vessel can be programmed into the device, and a free-flow option is also available.

The operational capacity of any Aqua Libra Co water-dispenser system is greatly disproportionate to its physical size. Installed into a small under-counter space, the unit is out of sight, yet easily accessible. The dispense outlet – whether that’s the three-in-one Aqua illi tap, a set of two or three Aqua Alto taps, or an Aqua Bottler – is fixed neatly and securely on a worksurface, with a flush-fitting drip tray that feeds into the waste-water system.

When it comes to space saving, the Aqua Link system goes that step further. The base unit, consisting of dual-pump, SMART-recording technology, purification system, and high-capacity carbonator, is installed in a plantroom environment. Multiple hydration points on multiple floors can be fed ambient, chilled, and sparkling water, and as a business grows, additional outlets can be added to the system.

Excellent design = productivity


An important part of staff wellbeing is good hydration. Providing easy access to high-quality drinking water is probably the backbone of a wellbeing programme.

Dehydration can be the cause of a wide range of medical conditions, including poor digestion, depression, heart palpitations, stiff joints, kidney stones, and fatigue. Dehydration also impairs cognitive function - affecting memory, concentration, and mood.

Employers who take a proactive approach to staff wellbeing are seeing results. The 2020 Health and Wellbeing at Work survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) concludes that, of those organisations that are running a wellbeing programme:

  • More than 50% report better employee morale and engagement
  • 22% report improved productivity
  • 24% report increased staff retention
  • 32% report lower sickness absence

Staff wellbeing = productivity

Thinking about Aqua Libra Co taps for your workplace?

If you’d like to talk to us about Aqua Libra Co water-dispenser systems, please do get in touch.

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