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3 Reasons to Choose Aqua Libra Co Water Dispensers

3 Reasons to Choose Aqua Libra Co Water Dispensers

Aqua Libra Co is committed to the sustainable delivery of fresh drinking water.

In fact, we believe we do it better than anybody else.

But what makes us different?

1. Zero limescale

At Aqua Libra Co, the elimination of limescale has always been an important part of our product design.

The problem with limescale

Approximately 30% of the UK’s water supply is sourced from aquifers – bodies of underground sedimentary rock that contains pockets and channels of water. Much of this rock is limestone, which consists mainly of calcium carbonate. Dissolved calcium carbonate, along with other minerals, such as magnesium and sulphur, make their way into our drinking water.

These minerals aren’t harmful to our health (in fact many people insist that the presence of minerals in drinking water is beneficial), but they’re certainly not good for the health of appliances.

Calcium carbonate is more soluble in cold water than in hot. When water is heated, calcium carbonate comes out of the solution and is left on the surfaces of appliances and pipes. This mineral deposit builds up over time, creating an insulating barrier that reduces the efficiency of heat-exchange technology, restricts the flow of water, and mars the taste of drinks.

When machines get clogged up with limescale, they need frequent servicing and remedial care, which incurs costs in terms of money, time, and the environment.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

With low levels of embodied carbon, energy-efficient operation, and the potential to eliminate the demand for single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups, Aqua Libra Co products are among the world’s best water dispensers. But we go one step further. We guarantee zero limescale.

High-level filtration is built into every Aqua Libra Co water system. The removal of all impurities prevents a build-up of limescale. Zero limescale means energy-efficient operation and reduced maintenance.

2. World-class customer service

Designed for community hydration, a healthy workforce, economical operation, and a clean environment, Aqua Libra Co’s water dispensers are supported by industry-leading customer service.

Technical excellence

All Aqua Libra Co engineers are highly skilled and experienced in servicing all major brands of water dispensers.

When your water dispenser is installed, we’ll provide full user training and ensure that you and your team understand how to operate and care for your system. We’ll talk to you about our range of service agreements and offer advice regarding the most suitable plan for your needs. That could be a basic annual service, including a filter change, or it might be an all-inclusive maintenance plan.

Our maintenance service is delivered by a well-orchestrated network of highly qualified technicians, stationed across the UK. Wherever you are in the country, your nearest Aqua Libra Co engineer will be within a short distance. Every engineer carries spare parts for all major brands of water dispensers, and we’re proud to say that we have the best call-out times in the industry.

It’s always about sustainability

Because our engineers are strategically placed, and they carry a well-maintained stock of parts, we’re able to service our customers’ water systems with minimal impact on the environment. No vehicle needs to travel far to attend a job, and, if a replacement part is needed, it will almost always be immediately available, meaning that additional journeys – with associated fuel emissions – are not necessary.

3. Economical operation

We’ve been designing and manufacturing mains-fed water dispensers for more than a decade; with developing technologies and new talent, our systems have evolved and improved. Some things don’t change, though. The design of Aqua Libra Co products has always focused on simple, economical operations.

Saving money, time, and space

How does the cost of operating an average mains-fed water dispenser compare to the cost of chilled water in single-use bottles, and hot water boiled in kettles?

The cost is about one-tenth.

How does an Aqua Libra Co system compare to the average mains-fed water dispenser?

Energy consumption of an Aqua Libra Co system is approximately half that of our competitors’ systems, meaning that the cost of operating an Aqua illi tap, for example, is one-twentieth (5%) of the cost of supplying drinking water via kettles and bottles.

Our compact dispense units are housed in a 600mm3 cupboard space. Capable of dispensing up to 45 litres of water per hour, the Aqua Alto tap, for example, saves storing bottles of water. For this volume of boiling water, you’d also need an awful lot of kettles! The repeated boiling of kettles is also very time-consuming.

Long-term sustainability

Thanks to super-low energy consumption, Aqua Libra Co water systems are kind to the environment, and, as part of a sustainable workplace, can help lower an organisation’s carbon footprint.

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