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Aqua Libra Co Becomes a Partner of Schools’ Enterprise Association (SEA)

Aqua Libra Co is amongst the first corporate member of an organisation that helps independent and state schools reach their full commercial potential beyond the provision of education.

Schools’ Enterprise Association

Schools’ Enterprise Association was established in 2019 by Dorothy McLaren, who has led a long and varied career in marketing, with particular focus on sustainable business. SEA’s purpose is to help schools generate additional revenue through the commercial letting of school facilities.

In its first two years, SEA has grown to just under 60 members. Working alongside sister company, Beautiful Schools - a promotional platform for SEA-member schools – SEA takes a holistic approach to providing guidance and support to their members. Sustainability is a theme that runs through all aspects of SEA’s services, and that’s why Aqua Libra Co has become a trusted supplier and partner.

Aqua Libra Co water dispensers in schools

Through expert marketing advice, SEA help schools maximise the commercial potential of their facilities, recommending only the very best suppliers of goods and services.

When it comes to the perfect hydration solution, there are certain boxes that must be ticked:

1.      Is it sustainable?
  • Aqua Libra Co water dispensers’ energy consumption is approximately half that of our competitors’ products; low energy usage contributes to reduced CO2 emissions. 

  • Smart-reporting technology allows customers to monitor their sustainability programme. 

  • Thanks to zero limescale, energy consumption is reduced. 

  • Aqua illi, Aqua Alto, and Aqua Bottlers are all about eliminating single-use plastic bottles – and putting the thrill into refill!

2.      Is it inclusive?
  • Low-level controls are available to wheelchair users.

  • Gesture-Control Technology enables those with limited mobility to use Aqua Libra Co water dispensers.

  • A user-friendly interface means that our water systems are accessible to all.

3.      Is it safe?
  • Thanks to pre-set fill volumes, there’s no overflow.

  • Regulated water flow prevents splasher.

  • Our taps have removable nozzles for easy and thorough cleaning.

  • All water is highly-filtered and tastes wonderful.

4.      Is it economical?
  • Aqua Libra Co systems use less energy than any comparable product.
  • Our dispensers have low servicing requirements.
  • We provide cost-effective maintenance packages.

Our role in the partnership

SEA’s annual conference and once-a-term regional advisory meetings provide members with opportunity for professional development and networking in a collegial space.

On 29 March 2022, Steve Wooldridge, Head of Food Service and Hospitality at Aqua Libra Co, will attend SEA’s annual conference at Tonbridge School, Kent. Steve will be introducing fellow SEA members to Aqua Libra Co and our sustainable hydration solutions.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Schools’ Enterprise Association and all its members, present and future.

Here are a few words from SEA founder, Dorothy McLaren:

“With a personal passion for working towards a cleaner and more sustainable way of living, I believe that reducing single-use plastic should be part of everyone’s ‘now and forever'. Aqua Libra Co helps schools to eliminate plastic bottles – they have my vote!”

Your Water Your Way

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