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Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap: Product of the Year Finalist at Mixology 2022

The Mixology Awards 2022 were held on 23rd June at Evolution, the stunning purpose-built events venue in the heart of Battersea Park, London. The Awards have been celebrating innovation and excellence within the commercial interiors industry since 2005.

Mixology Awards 2022

This annual event is hosted by Mix Interiors, the forward-looking magazine for commercial UK interiors. The Awards focus on exceptional products, exceptional projects, and exceptional people. This year’s judging panel included leading developers, architects, designers, and operators.

Aqua Libra team & guests

Winners of this year’s Mixology Awards include: Miro (by CMD), a stylish and robust arm that enables vertical movement of a computer monitor; and Acoustic TimberTM (by Autex Acoustics), a material mimicking wood, made by technology that allows polyester fibre to be recycled into new products other than textiles.

Well done to all finalists and winners!


Aqua Libra Co Flavour Tap

Aqua libra Co Flavour Tap, the UK’s first pure water and flavoured digital dispense tap, was nominated as a finalist for the Product of the Year Award.

The Flavour Tap was recognised as a high-functioning product with the potential to deliver sustainable hydration in the workplace and to meet the dietary and ethical requirements of the modern consumer.

Aqua Libra Flavour Tap


Balance employee wellbeing with ambitious
sustainability goals.

Our lives are structured in a very different way from how they were 40 years ago. Telephone availability is not restricted to time at home. Television services don’t close down for the night. Office hours are not always within the 08:00-to-18:00 day, and the UK population does not sit down at approximately the same time, three times every day, to eat.

Not only have our routines become tailor made to suit the individual, but an individual’s routine is seldom consistent from one day to the next.

It goes without saying that the workplace needs to have a water supply. Not only is it a legal requirement to have access to clean drinking water, but employee engagement also has a significant impact on productivity. Hydration is important for wellbeing.

Aqua Libra celebrates tasty, healthy, sustainable hydration.  Our liquids are free from sugar, calories, colours and preservatives.

Why the Flavour Tap is a game-changer

  • Sleek, intuitive design that prioritises employee experience
  • Great-tasting still, sparkling, and flavoured water with no sugar, colouring, or preservatives
  • Digitally connected and future proof with an ever-evolving platform and liquid innovation
  • #1 brand awareness in the infused water category* with a premium positioning
  • Over 20 years’ experience in drinks dispense equipment from Britvic

    Refreshing fruit flavour

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You may also like to read about how to specify sustainable, innovative drinking-water systems.

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