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Aqua Libra Team tackle local waste pollution.

Keeping Our Community Clean.

Litter-picking is a simple action that anyone can do to make an immediate and visible difference to their area. On 16 May, the team from Aqua Libra Co, took to the river Stort, to embark on this environmental initiative to clean up local walkways and improve the natural surroundings of Bishop’s Stortford.

Aqua Libra Litter Hero's

Team photos: (Malcolm Golding, Paulina Opalka, Ina Zakaidze White, Callum Golding, Paulina Surblyte, Natalie Courbrough, Niamh Murphy, and Adam Adkins)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Litter picking is more than just a good deed – it's a way to help protect the environment and the local community. 

After the working day on Tuesday 16th May, the Aqua Libra team grouped together; pulled on their Aqua Libra's high visibility jackets, and armed themselves with refuse bags and litter picking tool and actively volunteered their time to pick up litter, reduce waste and improve the environment around our community.

Litter Hero's

Starting at Haselmere Industrial Estate and followed Pig Lane towards the river Stort. This proved to be a bit risky since there is no pedestrian walkway and traffic is quite fast. While countless cars passed by, the team ‘ducked and dived’  to retrieve the litter from the side of the road… and yes, those High Viz jackets certainly came in handy.

Team ALCO Litter

The team then followed the banks of the River Stort from Pig Lane towards the Sworders Field passing the train station.

The #LitterHeroes rummaged through the rive sidewalks for over 90 minutes and retrieved numerous plastic bottles, bags, broken glass, and dog waste bags from the river as well as nearby walking paths, bushes, and tree butts. Collecting over 6 heavy bags full of non-biodegradable waste by the end of the venture!  

Cleaning the community

Aqua Libra Waste Shark

Aqua Libra, best known for its range of infused sparkling waters, is committed to tackling plastic waste, and is developing technology aimed at providing healthier and more sustainable ways to buy and consume beverages. Aqua Libra’s first technological breakthrough – the Flavour Tap - was launched last year. The tap, which serves still, sparkling, and flavoured water, provides a sustainable option for workplaces, hospitality, and retail, eliminating the need for single use plastic and supporting customers in their own sustainability commitments.

Waste Shark
The brand is delighted to be sharing its dedication to the environment, following the launch of the Aqua Libra ‘WasteShark’ in Canary Wharf on 14th March 2023, to help rid waterways of plastic waste and make sure the plastic collected is recycled and reused.

Aqua Libra’s ground-breaking Flavour Tap technology is part of Britvic’s ‘Beyond the Bottle’ strategy which thinks beyond plastic, providing solutions for on the go, at work, in bars and in food outlets. The digital tap dispenses still, sparkling and flavoured water with zero calories and reduces packaging waste by 99%.

Flavour Tap

For more information on the Aqua Libra Flavour Tap:

Your Water Your Way

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