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Aqua Libra’s pioneering tech helps Blue Earth Summit go beyond plastic free

We’re delighted to announce that Aqua Libra will be joining the Blue Earth Summit next month as a headline partner.

2021’s Summit was proudly free from single-use plastic packaging and this year Aqua Libra’s tech will help to go one step further, delivering pure-tasting filtered, chilled, flavoured still & sparkling water with no calories, colours, or preservatives from our latest innovation, the Flavour Tap.

Each tap is connected to a digital platform which collects information about flavour preferences and has the capability to adjust the drinks recipes in real time – something that would traditionally take more than 18 months for a packaged product. It’s effectively the same as having an entire soft drinks factory in one sleek Flavour Tap on a worktop.

Tastes Good, Does Good.

This year’s Blue Earth attendees will be among the first people to get a taste of Aqua Libra’s delicious, calorie-free, and sustainable drinks on tap with the installation of Flavour Taps in the venue.

The flavour comes from a fully recyclable flavour cartridge and uses micro dosing technology, developed by Britvic, to flavour and filter water. One cartridge, the size of a small soft drinks bottle, can create up to 2,000 drinks, eliminating the need for 99% of single-use packaging. The drinks are also created in situ, meaning heavy volumes of packaged products don’t need to be distributed which saves road miles and reduces the carbon footprint of each drink.

Beyond The Bottle

Beyond the Bottle Managing Director, Steve Potts says: “We are delighted to sponsor this fantastic summit which brings together ambitious and passionate professionals from multiple industries to help find solutions to some of the most challenging issues of our time. At Britvic, we firmly believe that no packaging should ever become waste and a strong part of our solution is to explore ways to move beyond the bottle. The launch of Flavour Tap represents an exciting leap forward in this space and we can’t wait for everyone to try it at the Summit.

Steve Potts will take a headline spot at the event with other speakers including Iceland MD, Richard Walker, and Eden Project Co-founder Sir Tim Smit KBE, to share how Britvic, Aqua Libra’s parent company, is looking beyond the bottle with Aqua Libra to change the way consumers hydrate for good.

Noel Dickson, Britvic’s Beyond the Bottle Product Director, will also be discussing how new and innovative technology can have a long-term sustainable impact on the environment on the Blue Earth Summit tech panel.

Potts continued: “Aqua Libra Co and other businesses at the Blue Earth Summit community share the same objectives – to do business in a way that helps both people and planet. Our business is born from the need to change the way people hydrate by ensuring it is not only tasty and exciting, but to do so in a way that does not negatively impact the planet with waste."

Blue Earth Summit Founder, Will Hayler says “Blue Earth Summit brings together a collection of organisations all striving to do better for people and planet. All our partners, speakers and attendees have one mission: to protect and conserve our home. Aqua Libra’s tech goes beyond eliminating single use plastic packaging to tackle the carbon impact associated with the packaging and transportation supply chain making them a perfect partner for our 2022 gathering.

Your Water Your Way

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