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Flavour Tap: Created for a Changing World

Flavour Tap

The human-centric philosophy of design thinking is at the heart of Aqua Libra Co’s approach to innovation. Design thinking integrates the most up-to-date functions of technology with the needs of people and with strategies for long-term environmental health.

Britvic’s pioneering Aqua Libra Flavour Tap – the UK’s first digital dispense tap to combine pure still or sparkling water with natural, zero-calorie flavours – is the perfect example of a product made for the modern world.

flavour Tap bottles

Flavour Tap is designed with sensitivity for the desires and expectations of a global population that’s more self-aware than ever before. It’s designed to work in harmony with computer technology. And it’s designed with respect for a planet that’s becoming weary of abuse.

Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap is a drinks dispenser that understands today’s megatrends.

What are megatrends?

Changes in global markets, social values, and everyday lives are driven by megatrends. Megatrends are macro influences that come about as a result of technological development. Even natural conditions, such as population growth and global warming – megatrends in their own right – are results of cultural change.

Industrial revolution

Megatrends of the 19th century included mass production, germ theory, and the development of steam and electric power. Each of these trends contributed, directly or indirectly, to population growth and global warming.

Automated machines, driven by steam and electricity, relieved some of the burden of heavy labour, reducing the rate of premature death from illness and accident. Machines also enabled mass production, which in turn led to lower prices for food and other commodities. More people were able to afford good food, comfortable living conditions, and medical treatment.

An understanding of micro-organisms and associated diseases also had a huge influence on living standards and life expectancy. Sterilisation and scientifically sound treatment for disease meant a reduction in fatal illness and infant mortality.

Steam and electric power

Steam power and electrical power are generated mainly through the burning of fossil fuel. With increased demand for goods from a fast-growing, longer-living, wealthier population, more and more fossil fuel has been mined and burnt in order to generate power to drive the machines that produce goods. Over the past 200 years, emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have had a devastating effect on Earth’s atmosphere.

Megatrends of the 21st century

Current economic and social changes are driven by a few major megatrends, including:

  • Rapid population growth
  • Explosion in technological advancement
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Commitment to sustainability  

Rapid population growth: an eight-fold increase in 200 years

busy city population

In the year 1800, the global population was around 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). At present, the world population is approximately 8,000,000,000 (8 billion). Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, there’s been an eight-fold increase in the human population.

The United Nations estimates that by the year 2037, the world population will reach 9,000,000,000 (9 billion), and by the 2080s, there’ll be 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) human beings on Earth.

Just under 134,000,000 (134 million) people were born in 2022. In 2080, those still living will be 58 years old and part of a population 25% larger than it was in the year they were born. Without changes to the way we live, the planet’s finite resources, such as fossil fuel, fresh water, and space, won’t support this massive population growth, and Earth’s ecosystems won’t survive the consequences of traditional farming and industrial processes.

flavour tap

Flavour Tap is a mains-fed, self-contained unit, capable of dispensing hundreds of healthy, fruit-flavoured drinks into reusable vessels every day. With the elimination of packaging, Flavour Tap helps to preserve Earth’s finite resources. Lower demand for single-use plastic means reduced use of fossil fuel (the raw material that’s used to make plastic) and water (used in the manufacturing process), reduced need for storage space, and reduced waste in landfill sites and oceans.

Technological advancement: the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Flavour Tap

The concept of Internet connectivity between devices was conceived in the 1980s. Less than 30 years later, there were more “things” than people connected to the Internet.

Today, smart technology is being integrated into almost all aspects of life, including home automation, energy management, security, agriculture, healthcare, traffic control, navigation, agriculture, the military, fabrication, transportation, communication, and home entertainment.

Smart Phone IoT

It’s estimated that by 2030, there’ll be at least 29,000,000,000 (29 billion) connected IoT devices – roughly double the number in existence today.

The COVID-19 pandemic was instrumental in accelerating the evolution of smart technology. Social distancing and heightened attention to hygiene called for increased automation and digital communication. Innovators have been presented with countless challenges – and opportunities – to meet the new requirements of a changing world.

IoT of Flavour Tap

Built on an IoT platform by AWS, the Flavour Tap’s real-time reporting enables an efficient maintenance and cartridge-replacement programme. And it also tracks consumer behaviour, providing useful data that gives an insight into the requirements of users. Collected data provides customers with opportunities to maximise the value of the Flavour Tap.

For example, customers can gain an understanding of:

  • When consumers are using the Tap
  • How often consumers are using their own refillable cups or bottles
  • Preferred portion size
  • Most popular flavours
  • Best location for maximum use

Stand Alone unit

AWS’s Flavour Tap case study demonstrates how industry leaders in the fields of technology and healthy hydration have teamed up to create a drinks dispenser for the 21st century.

Focus on wellbeing: health, happiness, and engagement

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of personal wellbeing and its positive impact on productivity. From physical exercise and hydration to biophilia and accessibility, human needs are being addressed through workplace wellbeing programmes.

Flavour Tap is an ambassador for self-care, providing healthy hydration, hygienic user interface, theatre of dispense, low-cost drinks (less than half the price of an average bottled drink), and the sensual pleasure of zero-calorie fruit flavouring.

Sustainability: a major economic factor

 What makes a consumer choose one product or service over another?

It could be price. Or maybe quality. It might be social image. These factors have long played a part in purchase choice.

In the 21st century, however, another consideration has emerged. Consumers are increasingly making purchase choices based on ethics. With the relationship between producer and end user tightening, we’re more aware of companies’ processes and the provenance of materials.

Flavour Tap reduces the demand for single-use plastic, which means reduced consumption of fossil fuel, reduced CO2 emissions (a by-product of the manufacturing process), and less plastic pollution in the oceans and in landfill.

A single flavour cartridge creates up to 2,000 drinks, in situ, saving the distribution and storage of approximately 1,000 bottles or cans and reducing the carbon footprint of businesses and individuals.

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