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Fruit-Infused Water with Aqua Bottler

There are three good reasons to drink fruit-infused water:

  1. It tastes good
  2. It contains virtually no calories
  3. It’s water

These three good reasons can be boiled down to one single benefit:

It’s water.

Long, complex articles have been written about the benefits of fruit-infused water, citing health benefits such as weight loss, improved digestion, sharper cognition, tougher immune system, and better circulation. These are all benefits of good hydration. Infused fruit serves only as an incentive to drink water – a tasty, low-calorie alternative to sugary or caffeinated drinks.

Promising headers and heady promises all lead to one conclusion: water is good for you.

1.    Great taste

Some people love the taste of pure, chilled water. Others would rather have a glass of fruit juice, lemonade, or milk – all with their own niche benefits, but none as healthy as water.

This is where fruit – and other plant material, such as herbs, spices, and root vegetables – comes in. They add bespoke flavour to the water.

Put your fresh fruit (and any other ingredients) into a bottle, add water, and chill*.

*Referring to the fruit infusion; but you, too, may want to chill!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Lemon and lime
  • Lemon and ginger
  • Apricot and raspberry
  • Blackberry and orange
  • Strawberry, lemon, and mint
  • Cucumber, lemon, and mint
  • Peach, plum, and raspberry
  • Apple, pear, and cinnamon

2.    Low-calorie

During steeping, the fruit releases organic chemical compounds that give it its characteristic flavour and smell. For example, lemon contains, among numerous other flavour compounds, limonene (C10H16); strawberry contains furaneol (C6H8O3) and benzyl acetate (C9H10O2). Apple releases methyl butyrate (C5H10O2), hexyl acetate (C8H16O2), and benzyl acetate.

Water-soluble compounds – for example, ascorbic acid (C6H8O6) – will be leached out of the fruit in small quantities, so there’s sometimes a little nutritional value to the infusion.

In a fruit infusion, very little of the physical fruit is consumed, so energy value is virtually zero.

If you want taste without calories, you’ll get it with a fruit infusion.

3.    It’s water!

This is the crux of the matter. When you drink fruit-infused water, you drink water.

Water is vital to life, and hydration is vital to good health. Every function of the body requires constant hydration.

  • CIRCULATION: Our blood carries dissolved nutrients to every cell in the body, and it removes waste products. The circulation of blood is driven by the heart. When blood is dehydrated, it becomes thicker and reduced in volume, putting a strain on the heart.
  • URINATION: Blood is filtered by the kidneys, and waste products are excreted via the urinary system. Under-diluted urine will fail to dissolve minerals that need to be flushed out, and these minerals can crystalise and form urinary stones. The more water we drink, the higher volume of urine we pass. Under-diluted urine will fail to flush away all pathogens.
  • BRAIN: Water is necessary in the production of hormones (body’s signalling molecules responsible for behaviour) and neurotransmitters (proteins responsible for cognition). Dehydration can impact mood and alertness, causing confusion, fatigue, slow reactions, and irritability.
  • DIGESTION: Water is essential in the production of saliva, digestion of soluble fibre, and the metabolism of nutrients. Water serves as a lubricant in the digestive tract, and the water content in stools helps to keep them soft and easy to pass. Dehydration can lead to digestive disorders and constipation.
  • LUBRICATION: Water is the main constituent of cerebrospinal fluid, which acts as a shock absorber for the brain. Dehydration leads to a reduction in cerebrospinal fluid, which can cause headaches. Synovia is a viscous fluid in cartilage, which lubricates and cushions joints and spinal discs, reducing friction and absorbing shock. Dehydration leads to a deficiency in synovia fluid, accelerating natural wear of joints.

Aqua Bottlers

Aqua Libra Undercounter and Countertop Bottlers are perfect for a busy workplace. Compact and robust, a single unit has the capacity to dispense at least 60 litres of highly filtered chilled or ambient water per hour.

An organisation can massively reduce its impact on the environment by providing the means to refill.

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