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Celebrating National Clean Air Day 2022

Thursday, 16th June is National Clean Air Day 2022.

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day is an annual event to raise awareness about air pollution and its impact on public health. The initiative is led by Global Action Plan, a non-government organisation (NGO) based in the UK.

The UK’s first ever National Clean Air day was held on 15th June 2017. It caused quite a buzz! Through hundreds of events and media features, millions of people responded to the highlighted issue of air pollution, and #NationalCleanAirDay trended at number 1 on Twitter for five hours, beating BBC Music Day, British Beer Day, and Love Island!

Clean Air Day is very much about education and communication. It’s about sharing knowledge and leading by example. The theme for the UK’s sixth Clean Air Day is:

Air pollution dirties every organ in your body

“Air pollution dirties every organ in your body.”


Air pollution dirties every organ in your body

This statement highlights the detrimental effect of air pollution on every organ, in every body, everywhere.

Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan, says, “Air pollution impacts our health from our first breath to our last.”

A 2018 report published by Public Health England (PHE) estimated that between 28,000 and 36,000 people die each year as a result of air pollution. Long-term exposure to air pollution can induce or aggravate chronic health conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. There’s also some evidence that associates air pollution with low birth weight and senile dementia.

Health effects of air pollution

Another PHE publication from 2018 (Health Matters: Air Pollution) says that short-term (hours/days) exposure to elevated levels of air pollution can cause an increase in respiratory and cardiovascular hospital admissions and mortality.


What are people doing on Clean Air Day?

Millions of people in the UK will be changing something in their daily routine. Something that will reduce air pollution. Each person’s contribution will be tiny – a drop in the proverbial ocean.

...But millions of drops, combined, make a huge splash!

These are a few examples of the pledges people are making for Clean Air Day.

Pledge for Clean Air Day

Clean Air (every) Day

Clean Air Day is an exercise in awareness. Events are organised to grab people’s attention and flag up this important environmental issue. Many of those who join in the fun might never have given air pollution a thought – or maybe they’ve not considered it something that can be tackled at grassroot level.

For those individuals, families, businesses, and organisations who are already committed to reducing air pollution, every day is a clean air day. The atmosphere may be full of sulphur dioxide, ozone, benzene, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and lead, but some people push on, and never give up on the principle of sustainability.

Leaders in sustainability

For Global Action Plan, the campaign for clean air is ongoing – 365 days a year.

  • GAP helps businesses make the best low-pollution choices, offering resources and tools to support the development and implementation of a clean-air action plan.
  • GAP helps health organisations implement clean-air strategies, minimise pollution, and educate patients about health risks.
  • GAP helps schools tackle air pollution in the school and the neighbourhood, educating the next generation about cleaner air choices.
  • GAP hosts the London Schools Pollution Helpdesk, supporting London schools in combatting air pollution in and around the school campus.
  • GAP, in partnership with the market research company, Opinium, runs the UK-wide Clean Air Public Insight Tracker (CAPIT), providing information on public attitudes to air quality.
  • GAP offers public tools: the Air Pollution Calculator, which helps people track their own contribution to air pollution, and the informational platform, Clean Air Hub.


Sustainability in industry

Working alongside equally passionate partners, Aqua Libra Co is committed to operating a sustainable business – 365 days a year.

  • Our products use only a small fraction of the energy consumed by kettles and refrigerators.
  • Our products promote and enable a refill culture, helping to reduce the demand for single-use plastic.
  • Because our products are limescale-free, they run economically, keeping energy use to a minimum.
  • Our smart reporting technology encourages users to monitor their sustainability programme.

Contact Aqua Libra Co

If you’d like to talk to us about sustainable hydration solutions, give us a call on 0800 080 6696 or email We look forward to talking to you.

Have fun on National Clean Air Day!


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