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No Limescale, Longer Life-Cycle, Better Tasting Water!

Aqua Libra Co is the only company to purify water before boiling, thus eliminating limescale and extending the longevity of our products. So, what does this mean for you and your business?

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Focus on zero limescale

At Aqua Libra Co, the design focus has always been on eliminating limescale. At the very beginning, when the company was founded in 2009, we aspired to a product range that was 100% free of limescale.

Limescale is the build-up of calcium carbonate and other solid minerals on surfaces that come into contact with water. Calcium carbonate is unusual in that it’s more soluble in cold water than in hot. In cold water, most of the calcium carbonate remains solute, but in hot water it comes out of solution and settles on surfaces.

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The mineral residue builds up over time, eventually forming a barrier between the heat source and the water. A machine that’s clogged up with limescale loses efficiency, consuming more and more energy to heat water through its mineral armour.

Aqua Libra Co’s water dispensers are unique in that they purify water before boiling. Pure water leaves no limescale, and without limescale, a machine works more effectively, reducing maintenance costs, energy bills, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Aqua Purifier

The Aqua Purifier provides four stages of water purification. The first two stages are filtration. The third and fourth stages purify the water through reverse osmosis (RO).

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Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration is when water is passed through a fine mesh with holes as small as 500 nm (0.0005 mm). Particles larger than the pores are trapped in the mesh. Most bacteria are excluded during the first stage of filtration.

Filtration removes many microplastics, minerals, and organisms, but some are too small to be trapped and will pass through the mesh’s pores. A sodium chloride molecule, for example, measures 185 nm across. A sodium or chlorine ion in solution is even smaller.

Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is the process by which a lower concentration of solution is drawn through a semipermeable membrane towards a more highly concentrated solution. Osmosis is the phenomenon that allows water to pass upwards, against the force of gravity, in plants. And it’s the force that pulls water from the blood into the kidneys in the bodies of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish.

Reverse osmosis works the opposite way. But this isn’t a natural process. It’s an industrial method of removing total dissolved solids (TDS) from water.

TDS is a measurement of the combined dissolved content of all inorganic and organic material that’s small enough to survive filtration through a filter with 2,000 nm pores.


Reverse osmosis removes TDS from mains water by pumping it through a semi-permeable membrane with pores of approximately 0.1 nm. On the other side of the membrane, there’s pure water. Without the applied pressure (2.5 bar), the pure water would gravitate naturally towards the water that contains a higher concentration of dissolved salts. However, when the mineral-containing water is pumped with enough force to overcome natural osmotic pressure, osmosis works in reverse.

With standard filtration, the force of gravity pulls water through a mesh, and any particle larger than the filter pores is collected in the filter material.

In an RO system, contaminated water is washed away from the mesh, preventing a build-up of waste solids.

The Aqua Libra Co purifying system, with a capacity to purify 150 gallons per day (GPD), is designed for longevity and efficiency.

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 All hot water dispensed from an Aqua Alto or Aqua illi tap is purified before being heated, resulting in a limescale-free system that will work efficiently and economically.

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