What makes Aqua Libra Co special?

We’re not the only company to provide water dispensers. We’re not even the only company to provide high-quality water dispensers. But we believe we’re the very best of our kind.

What, exactly, is our difference?

Our difference lies in:

  • Zero limescale
  • World-class customer service
  • Economical operation

Zero limescale. Maximum benefits.

When Aqua Libra Co began life in 2009 as The Boiling Tap Company, the design focus was on eliminating limescale, the deposit of calcium carbonate that builds up inside appliances.

Calcium carbonate is unusual in that it’s more soluble in cold water than hot. This is why limescale is a greater problem on surfaces that come into contact with hot water. As mineral residue builds up, it forms a barrier between the heat source and the water, affecting operation and resulting in higher energy consumption.

World-class customer service.

When you purchase a product from Aqua Libra Co, your relationship with us is just beginning. On installation, our highly qualified engineers will provide training for your whole team, giving guidance on operating and maintaining your system. We offer a variety of maintenance plans, ranging from a basic annual service to all-inclusive maintenance with 24-hour call-out.

With our maintenance team stationed all over the country, there’s always an engineer within reasonable distance of any client. Each engineer carries a comprehensive inventory of parts for multiple brands of water dispenser. Keeping their vans well stocked with parts means that remedial work can be carried out on the spot, without long waits and additional fuel-burning transportation.

Economical operation.

How much will it cost? This is the question that always comes to mind when anybody buys anything.

The cost of operating a water-dispenser system is less than 10% of the cost of supplying chilled, bottled water and kettle-boiled hot water. Consuming around half the energy of similar products (approximately 1.2 kWh as opposed to approximately 2.4 kWh), Aqua Libra Co dispensers are even better value. The low cost of Aqua Libra Co water dispensers is directly related to low energy consumption and a reduction in the demand for single-use plastic bottles.

Your Water. Your Way.

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