Is there a risk of scalding?

The Aqua illi tap features an electronic safety lock as standard. The user needs to touch the padlock icon before boiling water can be dispensed. The Aqua Alto hot tap requires a preliminary touch on the dispense icon, followed by a second touch for water dispense. All taps dispense at a controlled flow rate, so there’s reduced risk of splashes.

Can I order a tap that’s taller than the standard tap?

Yes, there are two extensions available for the Aqua illi tap: 60mm and 110mm. The standard height of the tap is 233mm from the worktop and flush-fitting drip tray.

What type of water supply do I need for an Aqua Libra Co water dispenser?

Your water dispenser needs to be connected to a microbiologically safe potable mains water supply, terminating in a 15mm Ballofix isolation valve. Water pressure must be at least 2.5 BAR, and the minimum waterflow rate required is 300 litres per hour.

What size is the under-counter unit?

All the Aqua Libra Co under-counter units are designed to fit into a cupboard space 600mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 900mm (H).

How much hot water can you get from an Aqua illi or Aqua Alto boiling tap?

The immediate draw is 4 litres. After that, the unit will dispense 45 litres per hour as standard, and the ultra-high-capacity unit will give you up to 90 litres per hour.

Can I hire an Aqua Libra Co water dispenser?

Yes, our systems can be rented. Contact our customer support team for details.

What happens after the initial cup delivery?

If exhausted, illi and Alto systems will recover fully in a matter of 2-3 minutes (depending on water pressure and incoming temperature), thanks to Aqua Libra’s patented twin tank boiler, which optimises energy, time, and water.

Can I install my water dispenser myself?

In theory, yes. But if your system is installed by a certified Aqua Libra engineer, it will run smoothly and efficiently. Using an alternative installer will invalidate the warranty and may lead to avoidable repair costs.

How do you adjust the dispense volume?

At the time of installation, you will choose your portion size. A certified Aqua Libra engineer will set the flow time, which can range from 1-60 seconds. Both the illi and the Alto taps feature a free-flow option as well as the portion dispense.

Download our taps from the NBS BIM library

NBS Source provides specifiers with unified product data in one place. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. It enables everyone to understand a building through the use of the digital model.

You can download the BIM objects from the Aqua Libra portfolio here:

What is the NBS BIM Object Standard?

The NBS BIM Object Standard defines requirements for the information, geometry, behaviour and presentation of BIM objects. This gives reassurances over quality that will enable greater collaboration and efficient information exchange across the construction industry.

By standardizing BIM objects, you can consistently use, compare, analyse, and share information to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. The standard is paramount, not just for NBS but for all those who author BIM objects. This is so BIM objects can be created to a common data set.

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