Providing refreshment to

Save space, time, and money

Providing pure, chilled drinking water on tap means that the product never runs out. You don’t have to worry about maintaining stock levels as you would with bottled water. You’re not forever juggling delivery times, storage space, and fluctuations in customer demand.

Aqua Libra Co undercounter water-dispenser units fit snugly into a small cupboard space (600 cubic mm), with only a tap on show. All filtering/purification, chilling, heating, and carbonisation occurs within this unit, which has the capacity to dispense hundreds of portions of drinking water every hour.

Branded bottles

The Aqua Libra Co Bottler, available as a countertop or undercounter unit, is ideal for use in the hospitality sector, especially in conjunction with our bespoke bottle-branding service. Made from highly durable glass and imprinted with your chosen design, these unique, reusable bottles provide your customers with that extra taste of luxury.


Enjoy the freedom of versatility that comes with the low cost of providing pure drinking water on tap. Get creative with your drinks menu by adding fruit juices, flavoured syrups, or fresh fruits to still or sparkling water. Put the thrill into refill and increase your revenue opportunities.

A sustainable source of hydration

By simply eliminating one-use plastic in your business, you’re contributing to the health of the environment. Aqua Libra products, however, take you that step further.

Thanks to innovative design and proprietary technology, our water-dispense systems are up to 100% more energy efficient than comparable products on the market today.

Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability and engage your customers through shared values.

Your Water. Your Way.

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