Providing refreshment to

Improve staff wellbeing

Providing a source of hydration in the workplace is, of course, a must. Not only because access to clean drinking water is a legal requirement, but because the wellbeing of staff impacts heavily on productivity. When it comes to wellbeing, hydration is key.

Designed with the latest smart technology, the Aqua illi Tap only heats what you use, and it provides a continuous, regulated supply of pure water. The absolute purity of the water keeps the unit totally free of limescale. 

The minimalist style of the Aqua illi is matched by the simple beauty of the Aqua Alto Tap. Three slender, swan-like taps – dispensing boiling water, chilled water, and sparkling water – are fed from one neatly concealed base unit. In a busy office, the Aqua Alto Tap is capable of dispensing up to three servings at one time.


Environmental policy

We understand that the race to net zero can only be achieved by teamwork. If we all work in partnership with one another, our carbon footprints will slowly but surely shrink.

At Aqua Libra Co, our mission is to provide innovative hydration solutions that will help your business improve its green credentials.

An economical solution

With dynamic user interface and capacity to deliver hundreds of cups of boiling, chilled, and sparkling water every hour, our water dispensers help to reduce downtime. The combined costs of purchasing, storing, and refrigerating bottled water heavily outweigh the cost of providing on-tap drinking water; and the cumulative cost of boiling kettles is a great deal higher than the cost of providing boiling tap water.

World-class customer service

When we install your water dispenser, you and your team will be shown how your unit works and how to take care of it. Our nationwide team of highly skilled engineers carry a wide range of parts, so remedial work can be undertaken promptly. With our world-class customer service and maintenance plans, your business will experience minimum disruption and downtime.

Your Water. Your Way.

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