Our elite team pride themselves on an industry leading service.  We operate nationwide across GB, NI and ROI.

Great service will come as a standard.  When you purchase or lease a tap from us, we begin a long-term relationship.  We start with considered, bespoke advice to suit your premises.  We offer a full range of consultancy, commercial and technical survey services.  We install and ensure you and your crew are left fully satisfied and trained to get the very best out of your Aqua Libra Co system, from day one.  We offer a range of service packages to keep your equipment dispensing perfectly for years into the future.

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Did you know we don’t just service Aqua Libra Co systems. We also service competitor systems - thousands of them! Our engineers are fully trained and carry an extensive range of parts from a variety of tap manufacturers. 

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Prevention is better than cure!

The build-up of limescale on pipes, boilers and taps has a detrimental impact on energy efficiency and tap performance.  Limescale is usually the biggest cause of breakdowns on well known tap brands. We’re the only company to use purified water in our boilers. This means zero limescale. Yes, ZERO!

We fit a purification system on all our hot tap systems. It’s a standard, rather than an expensive optional extra, for very good reasons: it improves your energy efficiency, and reduces faults and breakdowns by around 90%. It also means we can keep our service packages really affordable because we need to get out to you less than our competitors! Good for you, good for your pocket and  even better for the environment! 

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