KOJO brings a 21st century vision of a plant-based lifestyle and sustainable living to your everyday consumer. Focusing on a variety of cultures, blended with familiar products, and a consistency of using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly cooking methods.

Their mission is to provide a nutritious and a good feel takeout experience by utilising the worlds plants and creating delicious food whilst delivering our customers with a cultured feeling of equality and sustainable living. Putting the planet first, one KOJO at a time.

Dedicated to creating delicious and wholesome cuisine, the culinary team at KOJO provide ‘grab-and-go’ menu options that have health benefits for ourselves as well as our planet. Located in the Heart of central London, close to Liverpool St Station, KOJO specialises in 100% Plant-Based juices, shakes and delicious baked goods.


KOJO (Devonshire Square, London) was looking to install a hydration solution station to promote its reuse/refill agenda to eliminate plastic-waste and provide sustainable drinking solutions to their customers. Providing fresh, drinking water, of course, is vital when it comes to customer wellbeing. KOJO had some more specific requirements. To ensure that their products are of the highest quality, offered at competitive prices, and consistently delivered on time, KOJO have taken care to assemble a team of people who seek out partnerships with suppliers who share their core values.


Aqua Libra Co is proud to be at the forefront of water-dispenser industry environmental initiatives. We installed 2 Aqua Alto Taps within the KOJO refill area of the restaurant, to keep customers hydrated. They can choose between chilled, and ambient, great for the busy lunch time rush of customers wanted to refill their daily water bottles on the go!


Also, by joining the ‘Refill Revolution’, KOJO can contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic bottles and support a re-use culture. This global movement has currently got over 250,000 refill stations and have saved a staggering 100 million single-use plastic bottles. KOJO wanted to provide pure, fresh water on tap. The hydration system had to be high capacity, energy efficient, and user friendly.

“KOJO’s ambition is to invite all walks of life into an urbanised environment that promotes sustainable responsibility whilst offering high-quality, organic products, and using only compostable packaging. Aqua Libra Co were the perfect choice! We have chosen Aqua Alto water dispenser to drive our sustainability message and provide our customers with great tasting filtered Aqua Libra water, on tap, eliminating the convenience of single-use plastic bottles.
As we have recently joined the Refill Revolution, which is run by City to Sea, we are pleased to offer FREE water refill to all our customers as well to those who work, live, or just happen to be, in the area.”

Calum Swan, Operations Manager, KOJO


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