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Aqua Libra Taps: Hydrating in Style

In any workplace, it’s important that the whole team keeps hydrated. It's important that drinking water is supplied efficiently and safely. And it’s important, in any workplace, that the environment is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Aesthetics to meet efficiency

Now, it's quite possible to have one without the other – to choose efficiency over aesthetics; or vice versa. But there’s actually no need to sacrifice style for pragmatism, or to reduce efficiency for the sake of keeping up appearances. You can have it all.

A boiling- and chilled-water dispenser can provide hundreds of cups of boiling and chilled water every hour, cutting down on waiting time and contributing to a plastic-free workplace. And the suave simplicity of an Aqua illi tap or the elegant minimalism of an Aqua Alto tap will add style, in abundance, to the office environment.

At Aqua Libra Co, we use this equation:

Aesthetics + efficiency = optimum productivity

Pure water: no more limescale

Limescale is one of the main issues surrounding the supply of drinking water. The build-up of calcium carbonate and other minerals on the linings of pipes and appliances looks and tastes unpleasant, and it can cause damage to the equipment. Because our patented water purifier is an integral component of illi and Alto taps, the water they dispense is 100% pure and free of limescale.

Trustpilot reviews reflect customers’ opinions about limescale – or rather, the absence of it – in Aqua Libra Co water dispensers:

“The units have purifiers on that totally eliminate limescale.” (Mr Foster, who has 20 units installed)

“We have never seen any limescale.” (Lee)

“[The taps] stopped all our limescale issues.” (David, who has over 100 units installed)

Design Excellence

Aqua illi is the highest-performing tap on the market, capable of dispensing up to 300 servings of boiling water, or 600 servings of chilled water, per hour. Built in modular form, Aqua illi is economically adaptable. When your organisation grows, you can add modules and features to your Aqua illi unit to match the needs of your team.

The Aqua illi tap is a very popular choice in offices and in the hospitality industry, but the corporate world doesn’t have a monopoly on this little gem.

Householders are also leaving reviews on Trustpilot:

“The Aqua illi hot and cold tap is a really fantastic product and so easy to use. I have thrown away my kettle and now enjoy instant boiling PURE water.” (Carol)

“The product has transformed our kitchen.” (Andrew)

“It is a joy to use.” (Mary)

Pantone Colour Match

Colour has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times.” (Pantone LLC)

The colour of your Aqua Alto Tap can be matched to any of the 1000+ colours in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). So, whatever shades feature in your corporate colour palette, they can be reproduced in your office hydration system.

The Aqua Alto Tap unit can feed a boiling-water tap, chilled-water tap, and sparkling-water tap. Three separate taps running off one unit. This means that three servings of drinking water can be dispensed at one time, cutting down even further on queueing.

But even better than that, your three taps can be three different colours! How about choosing colours from your brand’s logo … or colours to match the office décor.

To place your business right at the cutting edge of fashion, why not choose Pantone’s stunning Colour of the Year for 2021 – AI Aqua.


We think the last word should go to Carol, from her Trustpilot review:

“However did I live before this product? It is amazing.”

Your Water Your Way

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