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A New Brand Identity: Same Great Products

Introducing Aqua Libra Co

Known for world-class service and innovative, energy-efficient products, The Boiling Tap Company has become a dynamic and trusted presence in the water-dispense industry.

Acquired by Britvic Plc in June 2020 as part of their progressive sustainability programme, we now have greater opportunity to work together with other organisations that share the same commitment to a sustainable future. We continue to deliver the same high standards, and we continue to support the principles of a circular economy.

Only one thing has changed. Our name. And in line with this fresh brand identity, our products, too, have new names.

Aqua Libra: healthy hydration for physical and mental balance

“Aqua”, of course, is the Latin word for water. Aqua is in our company name and in our product names. For us, water is a passion.

“Libra”, also Latin, means balance. More than half the human body is water; without water, we can’t survive. To maintain a healthy balance in all physiological functions, we must keep hydrated.

Aqua illi: our company’s pearl

Aqua illi, previously known as the illimani tap, is Aqua Libra Co’s flagship product. Built in modular form, this undercounter unit fits into a 600mm by 600mm cupboard space. Aqua illi, available in satin black or chrome, will dispense chilled, sparkling, and boiling water – all from one single tap.

Aqua illi is named after the magnificent Illimani mountain in Bolivia, South America. At 6,438 metres above sea level, Mount Illimani is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real, part of the Andes mountain range. The first recorded ascent of Illimani’s peak was achieved by British mountaineer, William Martin Conway (1856-1937), in 1898.

Mount Illimani is a cherished landmark for the Bolivian cities of La Paz, founded in 1548, and El Alto, Bolivia’s second-largest city, which developed during the 20th century and was formally incorporated in 1994.

There are many folk songs about Illimani. One of the most famous goes something like this:

Illimani, Illimani, you are the sentinel of La Paz!
Illimani, Illimani, you are Bolivia’s Andean pearl!

Aqua Alto: the height of economy, functionality, and style

Aqua Alto is the new name for the TaoZen tap. These elegant, swan-like taps are usually installed as a trio, each tap dispensing one kind of water – chilled, boiling, or sparkling – and all fed by one undercounter unit. You might choose to have one of each; or three chilled; or two chilled and one boiling; or two chilled and one sparkling … the choice is yours.

And the colour? Any colour you like.

Aqua Alto’s namesake is Mount Alto San Juan, an Andean mountain that borders Argentina and Chile. Aptly named (Alto is Spanish for “high”), Alto San Juan stands at 6,148 metres above sea level – more than 2,000 metres higher than the average Andean peak – and is a popular challenge for mountaineers. The first ascent of Alto San Juan was by four German climbers in February 1944.

Aqua Bottler: refill, reuse, reduce

A major part of our commitment to sustainability is the elimination of one-use plastic, and our cost-effective, energy-efficient products provide practical, attractive alternatives to packaged drinks. But there are times when bottled water is called for. That’s where the Aqua Bottler – Undercounter or Countertop – comes in.

The Aqua Bottler, previously called the TaoHydration Station, is designed to dispense high volumes of pure, chilled drinking water – still or sparkling.

This unit is ideal for environments where people are on the move, when bottled water is the most convenient option. In providing the means to refill, our clients are promoting a recycling culture and contributing to a reduction in one-use plastic.

The Aqua Bottler is also great for table water in meeting rooms and restaurants. For an added touch of luxury, we provide a bottle-branding service. Stylish glass bottles imprinted with your company logo will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Aqua Boil: 200 hot drinks per hour

We’re the only company in the industry to purify water before boiling. That’s why this wall-hung water boiler remains free from limescale. Capable of dispensing 200 cups of near-boiling water per hour, Aqua Boil is simple to use, with a timer and a touch-button LCD display screen.

With features such as staged heating, leak protection, and a sleep-mode setting, Aqua Boil (previously TaoBoil) is extremely energy efficient.

Aqua Touchless: helps keep your team COVID-safe

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 with Aqua Touchless (the new name for Touchless Dispense).

Aqua Libra Co’s gesture-controlled technology allows users to interact with the Aqua illi or Aqua Alto tap without touching shared surfaces. Smart reporting helps you to monitor your sustainability performance.

Aqua Pure: for zero limescale

Aqua Libra Co’s own Aqua Pure system (the renamed TaoPure) ensures that all chilled and sparkling drinking water is filtered to an exceptionally high standard. Boiling water is 100% purified, keeping our products totally free from limescale. Aqua Libra Co is the only company in the industry to provide water with this level of purity.

Aqua Link: the world’s best centralised water distribution system

Aqua Link (the new name for TaoLink) is a centralised water distribution system, proven to be up to 45% more cost effective and 55% more energy efficient than individual water-dispense units. Aqua Link’s smart control unit is installed in a plantroom environment, where water is filtered and purified before being fed to any number of hydration outlets within a building. Because water is filtered at source, the whole system is kept totally free from limescale.

Contact Aqua Libra Co

To talk to us about our products and services, or to discuss your project with us, give us a call on 0800 080 6696 or get in touch via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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