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Pure. Clean. Refreshing. Your Water, Your Way

Aqua Libra Co’s product range has been designed and developed to excel in four key areas: functionality, aesthetics, performance, and sustainability.

These four elements of excellence amalgamate into a fifth quality: adaptability.

Our water systems come in modular form, so we can provide you with the right combination of features to meet your specific needs. Whatever the size and layout of your premises, and however many people are being catered for, we’ll be able to offer you a bespoke solution.

It’s your water. We’ll do it your way.

Ergonomic functionality

One of the most amazing things about Aqua Libra Co undercounter water dispensers is their diminutive size. When you think about the sheer volume of water that these systems can dispense every hour, all through the day, it’s hard to believe that a three-function unit, which provides boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, can be housed in a cupboard no larger than 600mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 900mm (h). It’s true, though!

As standard, each Aqua Alto or Aqua illi system is capable of dispensing 45 litres of purified water – hot, ambient, or chilled – every hour. That’s 180 250ml cups or glasses. At the ultra-high setting, the maximum volume of water per hour is doubled.

The Aqua Bottling System, available as a countertop or undercounter unit, delivers 60 litres of still or sparkling chilled water per hour as standard, or, with the ultra-high option, 120 litres.

Every business’s needs are unique, and this is reflected in the design of our hydration systems.

Each tap can be pre-set to deliver a prescribed volume of water, reducing the risk of spills, splashes, and waste. Controlled flow, removable (and washable) dispense nozzles, plumbed-to-waste, flush-fitting drip tray, and straightforward user interface all contribute to easy and safe operation.

Now, more than ever, we must all take particular care when using shared surfaces; but the best way to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 via surface contact is to minimise that contact. Aqua Touchless is a gesture-controlled unit that requires no physical contact. With a generous delay time to ensure safety, this new technology plays a huge role in keeping workplaces safe from COVID-19.

Streamlined aesthetics

The first thing about the appearance of Aqua Libra Co taps is that they can be seen.

In recent years, hydration has taken on a more prominent role in the workplace, emerging from the kitchen, or a dark corner of the office, into the limelight. No longer considered to be a feature of domesticity that has little to do with business processes, hydration now takes its place at the centre of activity. Aqua Libra Co taps are visible, and they make a statement: “stay hydrated”.

With each unit tucked away in a small, under-counter cupboard, all there is to see is a simple, elegant tap and a tidy drainage grid.

With the capacity to dispense hot, chilled, and carbonated water from one tap, the stylish Aqua illi, which comes in satin-black or chrome finish, is the highest-performing tap on the market today.

Each elegant, swan-neck Aqua Alto tap dispenses one kind of drinking water. It could be hot, chilled, carbonated, or ambient. Just one under-counter unit, however, supplies up to three Aqua Alto taps.

Now, what about colour?

The Aqua Alto tap is available in any colour mentioned in the famous “Coat of Many Colours” song from the musical hit, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

… Times 35.

… Plus some.

Your Aqua Alto taps can be any of the 1000-plus Pantone colours, and therefore can be matched exactly to your existing décor or your brand colours.

Exceptional performance

Aqua Libra Co water systems deliver 100% purified water. Thoroughly filtered and treated with UV light, your water is totally free of microorganisms, protecting your staff from waterborne viruses and bacteria. It’s also free of minerals, meaning zero limescale for your system. Limescale is to blame for 90% of all problems associated with hot water products. No limescale means 90% less maintenance.

Energy efficiency is, of course, a major factor in all areas of business operation.

Our patented twin boiler heats water in two stages, reaping optimum value from the power input, while the cooling system chills water at the rate it’s used. This operational economy amounts to huge energy savings. The cost of running one of our water-dispenser systems is approximately 5% of the cost of providing hot and chilled water via kettles and refrigerated bottled water.

Aqua Link is a centralised and fully monitored water-distribution system that delivers high volumes of chilled water, both still and sparkling, to multiple dispensers throughout an entire building. Any Aqua Libra Co dispenser will work within this system, and additional hydration outlets can be easily installed to cater for a growing company.

Aqua Link’s unique dual pump ensures that any pump-related problems don’t impact too heavily on the service. If the operational pump stops working, the second one kicks in, preventing downtime whilst maintenance work is carried out. The Aqua Link also has the distinction of incorporating an extra-large-capacity carbonator in the master unit, along with the Aqua Pure water purifier, which purifies all water as it comes in from the mains, thus eliminating any chance of limescale in the system.

There are so many reasons for us to be proud of the Aqua Link; and here’s one more. Smart technology allows dynamic recording of water use, flow rate, water temperature, incoming mains water pressure, leaks, and CO2 management. Real-time information is sent to our maintenance team, who will respond as soon as possible.

Workplace sustainability

Aqua Libra Co hydration systems contribute to BREEAM credits by: lowering the carbon footprint; promoting health and wellbeing; supporting economic development.

Aqua Libra Co dispenser systems are designed as a desirable alternative to bottled water. Manufacture, transportation, and disposal of plastic bottles are all associated with emissions of greenhouse gases – as is the refrigeration of large quantities of bottled water. Our mission is to contribute to a reduction in the world’s plastic consumption.

A company is only truly sustainable if it supports the health of its workforce.

Water is essential for every biological function, including temperature control, circulation, digestion, excretion, and cognition. The human body is between 50% and 75% water, and if we don’t keep topped up, we get dehydrated, which can lead to poor memory, fatigue, anxiety, and an inability to concentrate. Access to drinking water promotes general wellbeing, which is conducive to innovation, productivity, and commitment.

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