Pure water. Instantly.

Pure water. Instantly.

5 Reasons to Choose Boiling-Water and Chilled-Water Taps for Your Workplace.

Sep 22, 2020 - 5 min read

Refreshment stations are a significant part of the workplace environment. The social and psychological aspects of hot drinks play an important part in visitor hospitality and the emotional welfare of staff. Regular hydration, of course, is essential for physical and mental health.

The provision of refreshments will have, to some degree, an impact on the environment. Packaging, energy consumption, and transportation all contribute to a firm’s overall carbon footprint.

In this article, we’re going to look at the following 5 reasons to choose a boiling- and chilled-water dispenser unit for your workplace: 1) aesthetics; 2) environment; 3) health; 4) economy; 5) inclusion.

1. Aesthetics of a water dispenser unit

Purchase the most stylish kettle on the market, and it still looks like a kettle. There’s no getting away from it: a kettle is a kettle. It’s just so domestic.

Drinks-making facilities are often discreetly tucked away in a corner – an acknowledgment that this part of office life is an anomaly; that it doesn’t really belong.

But there must be a better way. Is increased discretion the answer? A closed-off kitchenette maybe …

Here’s another idea: waive discretion and go for boldness. Install an under-counter water dispenser unit and make a feature of it. A continuous, regulated supply of boiling, chilled, or sparkling water means fewer spills, less mess, and hardly any steam. The clean, minimalist appearance of one, two, or three sleek taps, in colours to complement your décor or your brand’s identity, will reflect your firm’s sense of style, attitude towards employees, and philosophy of long-term investment.

Your refreshments station doesn’t have to be a mere add-on – an element of domesticity that’s out of kilter with the work environment. A hot- and cold-water dispenser unit can be an integral part of the office environment. Because really, it’s too good-looking to hide away.

2. Environmentally friendly solution

Many businesses have a policy of protecting the natural environment. Through strategic use of energy and reduction in waste output, these businesses are committed to minimising the environmental impact of trade.

– Plastic Waste

A single tap – for example, the Illimani Tap – can dispense more that 600 cups of chilled water in one hour. That’s approximately 140 litres. Packaged in 1-litre plastic bottles, 140 litres of water could lead to the disposal of more than 5 kilograms of plastic.

… And this bottled water would have been transported, possibly over many miles, from wherever it was packaged.

If an average of 50 cups of chilled water was consumed every hour of the working week, that would be a total of 2000 cups – or 400 litres. If the water was packaged in 1-litre plastic bottles, 14.8 kilograms of plastic, per week, would be collected for recycling by a vehicle that uses a gallon of diesel fuel every three to four miles.

– Energy consumption

The innovative TaoLink is the most economical and adaptable hot- and chilled-water dispenser unit available.

This unique system is built around a single master unit (situated in an out-of-the-way location within the building), which feeds boiling, chilled, and sparkling water to multiple outlets. Because the TaoLink master unit powers the whole system, total energy consumption is much lower than that needed to run an equivalent number of discrete units in different locations within the building. With the installation of additional dispenser taps, this modular system can accommodate the increasing demands of a growing firm.

3. Water is vital for good health

Access to drinking water is cited as a human right in Article 11 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).

Every function of the human body relies on adequate hydration. Water is essential for lubrication of joints, excretion of waste, digestion and absorption, regulation of body temperature, blood circulation, and cognition. Providing your staff with pure water promotes general well-being within your team.

Pure water is drinking water that has been separated from all contaminants. In pure water, there’s no trace of any other substance; it doesn’t conduct electricity; and it tastes delicious. Pure water is H2O and nothing else.

4. A financially economical option

Adjustable temperature controls, regulated flow, and effective insulation all contribute to keeping costs low. Compared to the repeated boiling of kettles, a sustained supply of hot water is an economical solution when demand is high. During periods of inactivity, the unit goes into stand-by mode, maintaining the water at a steady, but lower, temperature, ready for quick re-heating when required.

Besides the environmental benefits of not using bottled water, there’s also a financial benefit. The combined cost of bottled water and associated refuse collection is significantly higher than that of a sustained supply of chilled water.

Servicing and maintenance plans ensure that your unit continues to function smoothly and safely. With an optional call-out service included in your plan, you have peace of mind that in the event of a problem, a fully qualified technician will be on site very soon to carry out remedial work and get your unit up and running.

5. Inclusion in the workplace

The policy of inclusion in the workplace is sometimes logistically difficult to put into practice. Team members who use a wheelchair or who have limited upper-body mobility or an amputated limb may have difficulties when it comes to operating appliances. This is where the Touchless Dispense comes in.

The Touchless Dispense works by gesture control. For someone with a movement disorder (cerebral palsy, for example), the fine motor skills needed for the turning of a tap or the selection of a button might be unavailable. The 3-second interval between signal and effect gives a user time to prepare.

The Touchless Dispense is also ideal for this post-lockdown period. The touch-free nature of the unit helps to prevent the spread of covid-19 in the workplace.

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For more information about the installation, maintenance, and servicing of a boiling- and cold-water-dispenser unit, visit The Boiling Tap Company and find the tap that’s right for your workplace.