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Happy New Year from Aqua Libra Co!

As we sail into 2023, we thought it would be nice to look back on our voyage through 2022.

And what a year it was!

Driven by a commitment to sustainability – an underlying current that has carried us since 2009 – we navigated new channels and rode on breath-taking waves of progress. At times, the waters were calm. At others, they were a little choppy.

Let’s take a look at 10 highlights from 2022 …


1. Aqua Libra Co People Run for World Water Day


World Water Day 2022
In the week running up to World Water Day 2022 (22nd March), the Aqua Libra Co team ran 750km, raising £1,171 for WaterAid.

We ran before work, after work, at lunchtimes, and at weekends. We ran with our partners, kids, friends, and dogs. Some of us are used to running, and some of us aren’t; but we all pushed ourselves to achieve our personal best.

Held annually on 22nd March, World Water Day is a United Nations observance day that focuses on tackling the global water crisis. The very first World Water Day was celebrated in 1993. In recent years, the campaign has gained momentum through the power of social media.

The World Water Run was inspired by Australian businesswoman and CEO of Thirst Foundation, Mina Guli – one of the world’s most influential environmental campaigners.

In our blog article, World Water Day 2022, we celebrate some of Mina’s astonishing achievements, which include: 40 marathons in 49 days across seven deserts on seven continents (2016); 40 marathons in 40 days along six rivers on six continents (2017); 62 marathons in 62 days (2019).


2. Flavour Tap at AWS Summit

Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap is the UK’s first pure water and flavour digital dispense tap. On April 27th, Flavour Tap made its debut public appearance at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit in London. In the Innovation Hub, Flavour Tap was centre of attention, demonstrating how the AWS platform securely collects and manages data to provide quality consumer information. It was clear that the newest member of our product family was a natural crowd pleaser!

Flavour Tap

Flavour Tap was developed by Aqua Libra Co and our parent company, Britvic plc, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (read AWS’s Flavour Tap case study). Using micro-dosing technology to combine zero-calorie fruit flavours with a choice of still or sparkling filtered water, Flavour Tap provides the user with a finished drink in seconds, eliminating all single-use plastic. Internet of Things (IoT) technology supports energy efficiency, waste mitigation, and operational integrity.

In this video, Dr Sally Eaves talks to Aqua Libra Co’s Malcolm McDermott about the Flavour Tap and sustainability.

Scott MacKenzie, Director of Beyond the Bottle platforms at Britvic, was a keynote speaker at the “Unlock the potential of your IoT data” session.  

"With our Flavour Tap, we’re offering a new proposition for customers to reduce their carbon footprint, while providing healthy hydration options for staff and shoppers. We’re helping our customers fulfil their goals and help their employees or customers make better, healthier choices – for their bodies and for our planet.” Scott MacKenzie


3. Aqua Libra Co at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW)

Featuring multiple exhibition venues, more than 150 showrooms, and hundreds of events, Clerkenwell design Week is the UK’s leading independent design festival and the perfect opportunity for us to showcase Aqua Libra Co’s expanding range of innovative, energy-efficient water dispense systems.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2022

Over the three days of this year’s Clerkenwell design Week (24th to 26th May), the Aqua Libra Co team showcased:

  • Three Aqua Alto taps (boiling, chilled, and sparkling) in pastel pink, green, and blue
  • The three-in-one Aqua illi tap (boiling, chilled, and ambient) in matt black
  • Undercounter Aqua Bottler with mechanical tap
  • Countertop Aqua Bottler with Aqua Alto taps in blue and green
  • Gesture-controlled Aqua Touchless
  • The Flavour Tap (represented by a 6m2 image)

We felt the most effective way of introducing our products was to allow visitors not only to use them, but also to see them. So, we installed three of our key dispensers in glass-fronted cabinets, showing how the chiller, twin boiler, purifier, carbonator, leak detector, feed pipes, and wastewater pipes all fit snugly in a 60cm3 cupboard.

ALCO team

It was such a great pleasure to meet designers, architects, specifiers, and company owners from all over the world who had come to this award-winning festival that never fails to stretch the boundaries of the traditional trade show. Our three days at Clerkenwell generated over 230 leads.


4. Craft Guild of Chefs Awards

The Craft Guild of Chefs, established in 1885, is the UK’s leading chefs’ association, with a membership encompassing all levels of the profession – from the world’s most distinguished chefs to the young apprentices just starting out in the trade. Recognising exceptional talent across the whole of the industry, the Awards are seen as the chefs’ Oscars.

Craft Guild of Chefs Award 2022

This year’s Awards ceremony took place on 1st June at Magazine, the magnificent events venue in Greenwich, London. Healthy, hydrating drinks were provided by Aqua Libra Co, and the company was represented by Steve Wooldridge, Head of Food Services and Hospitality.


5. Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Windsor Horse Show is an annual event that takes place in the private grounds of Windsor Castle. It was introduced in 1943 as the Windsor Horse and Dog Show, a fundraising event for the war effort. After that first year, however, dogs were excluded, thanks to one ill-mannered lurcher who let the side down by stealing a piece of chicken from King George VI’s lunch plate.

Aqua Libra Co were honoured to be chosen to provide still and sparkling filtered water at this year’s Royal Windsor Horse Show (13th to 15th May) – in partnership with Mosimann’s, one of the world’s most prestigious private dining clubs. Crystal-clear water, dispensed from Aqua Bottler countertop units, was served to guests in branded bottles.

HM Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 2022

Our late Queen was present at this special edition of the equestrian extravaganza, which marked Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

To celebrate the jubilee, we looked at hydration in Britain during Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign.


6. Flavour Tap is Product of the Year Finalist at Mixology 2022

Mixology 2022 was held on 23rd June in London. Focusing on exceptional projects, products, and people, Mixology is an annual awards ceremony hosted by Mix Interiors, the UK’s leading magazine for commercial interiors. Since 2005, the Mixology Awards have been celebrating innovation and excellence in the industry.

Mixology Awards 2022

This year, the event was of particular significance to us, as our latest product, the Flavour Tap, was nominated for the Product of the Year Award. Flavour Tap was recognised as a high-functioning product with the potential to deliver sustainable hydration in the workplace and to meet the dietary and ethical requirements of the modern consumer.

In our blog, Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap: Product of the Year Finalist at Mixology 2022, we look back at this sparkling event and highlight some of the fantastic Mixology Award-winners.  


7. Aqua Libra Co at Imbibe Live

Imbibe Live is an interactive event for anyone who buys, sells, or serves drinks. Focusing on the entire world of drinks, the event is committed to sustainable practices and high ethical standards.

Imbibe LIVE event 2022

Imbibe Live 2022 took place at Olympia, London, 4th to 5th July. Aqua Libra Co were there, talking to attendees about how we work in partnership with venues to provide pure, filtered water presented in high-quality bottles for a premium guest experience.

Aqua Libra Co Imbibe Event 2022

8. Bringing Aqua Libra Co People into the Heart of Britvic

On 1st October, Aqua Libra Co was brought closer to the bosom of our parent company, as we officially became part of Britvic plc.Britvic ONE TEAMAt Aqua libra Co and Britvic, people are key to success.

“This will be a year of massive change and massive progress. Please be bold and do massive things every day. If we do that, we won’t go far wrong. Have faith and conviction in our project. Work hard. Work efficient. Operate smart.”  Trystan Farnworth, Commercial & Marketing Director, Britvic plc

9. Blue Earth Summit

Blue earth Summit 2022 took place on Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, and Thursday 13th October, in Bristol.

The Blue Earth Summit 2022

Aqua Libra Co was proud to be a headline partner.

  • Noel Dickson, Beyond the Bottle Product Director, was part of the Blue Earth Summit tech panel, discussing how new and innovative technology can have a long-term, sustainable impact on the environment.
  • Beyond the Bottle Managing Director Steve Potts, Customer & Marketing Director Trystan Farnworth, and Consumer Brand Lead Malcolm McDermott took headline spots at the event to share how Britvic is looking beyond the bottle with Aqua Libra Co.
  • Flavour Taps were installed at the venue.

Blue Earth Summit founder, Will Hayler, said, “Aqua Libra Co’s tech goes beyond eliminating single-use plastic packaging.”

Aqua Flavour Tap

10. Aqua Libra Co Wins CBRE Ireland Innovation Award

On 27th October, Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap received the Best Workplace Experience Solution Award at the Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis (CBRE) Ireland innovation Awards.

CBRE winner for Flavour Tap

CBRE Ireland is part of the world’s largest real estate services and investment firm, and it was a huge honour to be recognised by them as a significant contributor to sustainable development.


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